Judicial 2023

November 14, 2023
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TeenPact’s Alumni Event, Judicial, immerses students in the judicial process.

Judicial’s curriculum and experiences are carefully planned to train students to understand the judicial process, practice case law, and develop excellent oral argumentation skills. And, like all TeenPact events, Judicial is designed to deepen students’ relationship with Christ and to continue developing their skills as effective servant leaders.


Students this year had the opportunity to attend either Judicial I, held at Liberty University’s School of Law or Judicial II, held at the University of West Florida through their College of Law program. TeenPact is very grateful for all the leaders at both locations who made these impactful events possible!


Judicial attendees begin learning before they step foot on campus in their pre-class homework. Students continue gaining experience and knowledge as they participate in hands-on activities and lectures from TeenPact leaders and law professors.

The highlight of the Judicial experience is the two-day Moot Court Tournament where students argue their case against opposing counsel before a panel of judges. Beyond these thrilling academic opportunities, Judicial students enjoy all the distinctive elements of a TeenPact event, which include morning worship and devotionals, intentional small group time, afternoon free time, and evening sessions.


Below, students from the 2023 Judicial I and II answer this question: How has TeenPact and TeenPact Judicial impacted you

as a leader and as a follower of Christ?







Elizabeth May
“My first experience with TeenPact was at the Texas State Class in 2021. I immediately fell in love with the mission and program of TeenPact. My older brother highly recommended Judicial to me, but it wasn’t until 2022 that I hesitatingly registered for the event. 


I can genuinely say that TPJ is my favorite Alumni Event I’ve ever attended! The small event of high-achieving students is not only massively educational, but also spiritually encouraging and socially rewarding. We were challenged to grow in our mental capacity, our effective communication, and most importantly our diligent walk with the Lord. Judicial was truly an incredible experience!” 







Brad Heredia

I have been involved with TeenPact for five years, since attending my first State Class as a Four Day student in 2019. The Judicial II event in Florida was my second time attending a Judicial event, after coming back from the prior year.


TeenPact, and specifically Judicial, has given me confidence in my understanding and defense of my political beliefs. Before attending Judicial, I never really took time to dive into the Constitution and understand the principles behind what makes up our laws. The resources that judicial gave me to understand political cases have helped me in my debate skills, but also in very practical ways like reading and comprehension skills! 


Developing skills of knowing how to carry myself in speaking and reading comprehension has helped me understand the Bible much deeper. [This training], in addition to spending more time in the Word, has given me confidence in defending the Bible.”






Bethany Hitze

“Judicial is such a unique experience. As a staff member who has never attended Judicial, I was able to experience it vicariously alongside many students I interacted with throughout the event. It is extremely taxing, and pushes you to let go of leaning on your own strength and rely on the Lord in new ways. There were multiple students collapsing under the pressure of preparing and presenting arguments who, after prayer, conversation, and diligent work, were so radically encouraged by how much they had achieved (even if they had done poorly and/or lost in the tournament). There is nothing like seeing them undone and at their end from the overwhelming workload, to seeing their beaming smiles after having tackled and conquered something they were fearful of, and praising the Lord with them over it.


It is so richly empowering to see yourself accomplish something you thought you weren’t capable of– not because YOU could do it, but because you couldn’t, and yet, your kind Father brought you through it. As a leader, it encourages you to be all the more bold and at peace, knowing that while stress and roadblocks are thrown your way, you can cast those cares on the Lord! His tangible faithfulness to sustain you is so evident at this event, because the challenges you face at Judicial are daunting. 


Challenges such as seemingly insurmountable research, tough losses, seeking wisdom on how to balance time preparing for yourself and time encouraging others, etc. It brings you to a state of searching out your priorities, desires, and where your loyalties lie. As a follower of Christ, by God’s grace these challenges all piled together (along with godly encouragement received from surrounding peers) cause you to seek to acknowledge Him in each of those ways, and ask that he make your path straight. 


In a very real and striking way, these challenges show you how powerless, dependent, self-centered, prideful, and lost you are if not tethered to Christ. And because of that recognition, once you’ve come out on the other side, the Lord gets all the glory for bringing you through it! I’m thankful that I was able to be a part of such a refining event.”







Noelle Nord

“TeenPact as a whole has truly influenced me to be a Godly and impactful leader, and has shown me the character qualities I need to become that type of leader. Judicial specifically showed me that I am capable of far much more than I give myself credit for. 


I’ve also realized how God has given me the strength and tenacity to do what He has called me to do.I met the BEST people at Judicial. the staffers, the program directors, the students themselves—they all exemplified Christ in one way or another, and in so many different ways. I felt so incredibly welcome within five minutes of arriving, and the connection I had with everyone was unmatched. I love all of them so much and I am so grateful to have had that experience and blessing.”

Thank you to all of TeenPact’s supporters who make the impact at each Alumni Event and every State Class possible!