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Peter Martin March 21, 2016
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Greetings from the TeenPact National Office,


Having just completed the first half of our season, we gathered with the 2016 Intern Team in Richmond to debrief with them regarding the 25 state classes that have occurred to date, and to have a time of refreshment as we prepare for the 30 remaining classes.  We heard many amazing stories of how God worked through the ministry of TeenPact  – from Intern Training to Staff Training to the State Classes.  To say that God is making an impact through TeenPact significantly understates how He is working!


Over twenty years ago, Tim Echols and his Georgia Capitol prayer group envisioned students making an impact, but I don’t believe they, or anyone, could have realized the full extent of the ministry.  But God did.  We count numbers of students that attend the Four Day or the One Day state class, but that is a small measure of the true impact of TeenPact.


Let me share some of the testimonies from this season to date.



The vision of TeenPact is “changing lives to change the world.”  Serving as the CEO of this ministry, seeing the changes in people as I travel around the country as well as hearing the changes from many of you makes me grateful that God is directing this ministry.  In addition, He is the one directing the change, just as He directed Mr. Echols and his Capitol prayer group over twenty years ago.


As we head into the second half of the season, would you commit, or recommit to pray for TeenPact Leadership Schools regularly?  The office staff, Interns and Program Directors, the Board of Directors, and hundreds of volunteers across the country appreciate your prayers.


See you at National Convention!




Peter Martin, President

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