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Anna Montgomery December 10, 2018
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At TeenPact, we teach a different kind of leadership. This leadership is counter-intuitive and counter-cultural. In short, Jesus doesn’t just call us to be leaders but to be servant leaders. “For even the Son of Man,” he taught his disciples, “came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Mark 10:45)


And there’s something special about serving with this ministry. As one volunteer from Kansas explains, “TeenPact gives you a front row seat to seeing God at work changing lives to change the world!”


Whether serving behind the scenes, preparing meals, or giving a TeenPact presentation, our volunteers create opportunities for students and families to experience God’s life-changing work. Not only does this gift of yourself make a difference in the lives of others, but it also blesses and impacts you with the gifts of friendship, encouragement, and the opportunity to see God changing lives.


Here’s what four of our TeenPact volunteers said when we asked them why they serve:



Brent and Michelle Myers

State Coordinators – Nebraska

Began volunteering in 2012 to start the TeenPact Nebraska State Class.

Why do you love TeenPact?

So many things come to mind . . . the wonderful people we have met and developed friendships with all over the country. Being a part of TeenPact means an instant connection, an instant community and is unlike anything we have ever experienced. Our children have developed deep relationships with peers and adults who have encouraged them, challenged them and supported them in their Christian walk. They have had opportunities to be trained as Christian leaders, to serve others, and to minister together.


What is the greatest gift that comes with volunteering with TeenPact?

Every year, we witness the Lord moving in people’s lives in amazing ways through TeenPact. It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of that in even a small way.




Rose Gerringer

Chaperone and Camp Cook – Kansas

Began volunteering in 2015 organizing lunches for students at the Capitol. Now she prepares all the delicious meals during TeenPact Kansas as one of our camp cooks.

Why do you love TeenPact?

TeenPact provides unique opportunities to students – the maturity and competence of the young adults who lead the class is amazing to witness. Building relationships with other parents and volunteers makes serving truly a blessing.


What is the greatest gift that comes with volunteering with TeenPact?

Prepared to be inspired by watching your teen discuss important issues and interact with others in the State Capitol. By volunteering, you get a front row seat in seeing your child mature in a new setting.




Jessie Leger

State Coordinator – Louisiana

Began volunteering with TeenPact Louisiana ten years ago and has been serving as our TeenPact Louisiana State Coordinator for three years.

Why do you love TeenPact?

I love TeenPact for so many reasons. First, because TeenPact is Christ focused – students have an opportunity to experience genuine Christian love and fellowship with peers, sometimes for the first time ever. Secondly, because TeenPact is about relationships. I love that I have friends literally from sea to shining sea because of TeenPact! Thirdly, State Class is hands down THE best way to help students understand our government’s process, why they should care, and how they can get involved.


What is the greatest gift that comes with volunteering with TeenPact?

The hope I walk away with after each event. Passionately worshiping our Savior, praying fervently with others, and seeing staff and students encourage one another – this is what the body of Christ should look like. TeenPacters give me hope for the future of our nation.


When I talk with others about serving with TeenPact, I always tell them this is the easiest chaperone gig because the students are so amazing! They make our job easy! When you volunteer to help at a TeenPact event, YOU receive a blessing! Getting to serve alongside the next generation as they are trained in leadership is incredibly encouraging and convicting.




Todd and Michelle Anslinger

Chaperones – Texas

Began volunteering with TeenPact in 2018 and chaperoned at National Convention, Congress, and Back to D.C.

Why do you love TeenPact?

We love that TeenPact reiterates many of the values that we are teaching our children at home. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to be encouraged by like-minded across the country as they pursue a lifestyle of servant leadership, respect, academic excellence, discipline, and an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.


What is the greatest gift that comes with volunteering with TeenPact?

Volunteering has really encouraged us to plug into the TeenPact ministry for the long haul. Spending a week at a TeenPact event has allowed us to experience and see with our own eyes the vision and the fruit of the ministry. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to watch the staffers and interns disciple and encourage the younger students over the course of the alumni events that we have attended. There is a depth that is hard to quantify without experiencing it first hand.



To all our volunteers, we are so deeply grateful for your continued investment in the ministry. We truly could not do it without you!



Volunteer with us in 2019 and experience first hand the gift of TeenPact.


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Interviews gathered by Aryn Young.




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