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Meet Your 2016 Intern Team!

Serena Deloglos August 03, 2015
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We’ve said it many times before–without volunteers, TeenPact could not exist. The vast majority of people who run our programs are unpaid individuals who selflessly give of their time and resources to serve the Lord through this ministry. One particular group that we are excited to highlight today is the traveling intern team.


If you’re a friend of TeenPact then you already know of these people well. This is a group of nineteen young adults who spend about 16 weeks each year traveling full time to direct our state classes as well as many alumni events. These are people who are known for their charisma and leadership but also have a deep heart to preach the gospel and serve others. They run off of little sleep, deep conversations, long van rides, planning, praying, pursuing students, and giving of all that they have. They become the boots on the ground, the public face of our ministry. Even still, the most important characteristic for an intern to posses is humility.


Each year, when a new team of interns arrive at training, the first thing that they learn is how to train their replacements. Discipleship is the primary goal of their internship and so they are actively investing in others to take their place the following year. There is no excessive lauding or celebration that they’ve “made it to the top” but rather a deep appreciation is instilled for what God is doing in and through them. They know that they have by no means arrived, put it all together, or achieved some great goal. Instead, they are instruments to be played for the glory of the Kingdom in a very unique and special way.


I know that each of the individuals that you are about to meet are excited to get to know you this coming season. They aren’t perfect, but they are worth following. So, without further ado, meet your 2016 TeenPact Intern Team!













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