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Quinton Cools July 20, 2016
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TeenPact was founded with a mission to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things. This remains our mission today.


From the first State Class in Georgia in 1994 to the expansion across the nation, TeenPact has grown in the number of students and classes. Perhaps the more important growth that has taken place, though, is not found in the breadth of the ministry so much as the depth of the ministry.


Thanks to the work of many volunteers and ministry leaders, TeenPact has built a strong emphasis on Gospel-centered discipleship. From Bonjour (personal Bible study) and Rendezvous (student dorm life) to the excellence found in preparing for leading worship and devotions, the spiritual impact that TeenPact makes year-in and year-out is undeniable. To be clear, though, we do not claim to have built this success ourselves. We attribute the success of TeenPact to the divine providence of God and His blessing on this ministry.


Through TeenPact God is reaching the hearts and minds of students and “changing lives to change the world.”


Thanks to the volunteer work of so many, TeenPact continues to develop and refine our leadership and discipleship training. Many volunteer hours are poured into our State Classes each spring. If you know TeenPact, you know how much our Traveling Intern team means to us. Each year a select group of young leaders pour their time, passion, and creativity into serving, leading, and raising up the next generation of Christian leaders.


If you’re a friend of TeenPact then you already know of these people well. This is a group of young adults who spend about 16 weeks each year traveling full time to direct our State Classes, as well as many alumni events. These are people who are known for their charisma and leadership but are talented teachers and humbled to serve. They run off of little sleep, deep conversations, long van rides, planning, praying, pursuing the hearts and minds of students, and giving of all that they have. They become the boots on the ground, the public face of our ministry. Even still, the most important characteristic for an intern to posses is humility.


Each year, when a new team of interns arrive at training, the first thing that they learn is how to train their replacements. Discipleship is the primary goal of their internship, and so they are actively investing in others to take their place the following year. There is no excessive lauding or celebration that they’ve “made it to the top,” but rather a deep appreciation is instilled for what God is doing in and through them. They know that they have by no means arrived, put it all together, or achieved some great goal. Instead, they are instruments in the Redeemer’s hands, to be used for the glory of the Kingdom in a very unique and special way.


I know that each of the individuals that you are about to meet are excited to get to know you this coming season. They aren’t perfect, but they are worth following. So, without further ado…



From paddling the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, late nights working on classic cars, training for his next triathlon, mountain biking with friends, and spontaneous road trips, to learning and teaching about the political process, Hoyt Crouch is passionate about living life to the fullest. Growing up on the sunny South Texas border, he has learned the value and importance of craftsmanship and an entrepreneurial spirit, and can usually be found in the garage working on his next project or business venture. Over the last several years TeenPact has had a profound impact on Hoyt, and has taught him the importance of living every aspect of life to the glory of Christ. He is honored to have the privilege of serving as Program Director this season and is looking forward to sharing about how the power of Jesus Christ has transformed his life.



Parker Johnson was born in Illinois, but now calls the beautiful state of Oklahoma home.  He is the second of four siblings and loves spending time with his family. Parker is passionate about helping people, and is currently studying Pre-Physical Therapy Biology at Hardin Simmons University.  In 2011 Parker’s TeenPact journey began when he attended his first State Class.  He wasn’t thrilled with the idea of spending a week in a suit learning about government, but he came to discover that TeenPact was so much more.  Since then he has continued to be involved in TeenPact through more State Classes and alumni events.  Parker served as a traveling intern in the 2016 season and is thrilled to serve as part of the 2017 team!



Luke Martin is the sixth of eight children in a wonderful family.  He became involved in TeenPact in 2004 at the age of eight by tickling the program director from the class.  Over the years Luke has been encouraged by the examples of godly young men that flourish in the ministry.  He began staffing State Classes in 2013, and has learned from every experience.  After staffing the Survival, Venture, Judicial, and Congress alumni events, Luke is excited to program direct with TeenPact.  He enjoys sports of all kinds, reading, and travel.  Luke has discovered a small talent for guitar and piano which he puts to good use leading worship in many different scenarios.  He worked for Chick-fil-A for two years, including one year as Team Leader.  Luke has a passion for those with special needs and their families and enjoys working as an attendant with two teenage boys with mental disabilities.



Benjamin Sullivan has lived his entire life in central Florida where he has grown up alongside his three siblings. He enjoys going to Daytona Beach, fishing on the Wekiva River, hanging out with friends, playing sports and cheering for his beloved soccer team, the Orlando City Lions. In 2011, after he attended his first 4-day class in Tallahassee, he really got an idea of what TeenPact was all about and fell in love with the refreshing atmosphere, quality staff, like minded youth, and being taught how to think critically. Ever since, he has enjoyed many alumni events and meeting lifelong friends. But strengthening his relationship with Jesus Christ, has been the most important thing. Benjamin has a very strong passion for discipleship and looks to always maximize the potential of impact at every TeenPact event. He feels honored and privileged to have the opportunity to serve as a Program Director on the 2017 Intern Team and looks forward to glorifying God and loving others alongside some of his best friends.


BETHANY BABER – 2017 Intern

Born deep in the heart of Texas, Bethany loves everything about her home state, from the beautiful wildflowers to its historic Alamo and freedom-loving culture. Tyler, Texas is where she and her four siblings grew up climbing hay bales, herding cattle, and surviving kayak adventures down Mud Creek. Bethany writes for Morning Glory, A Girl’s Daily Devotional, and works at her favorite women’s resale store. Free time includes reading and writing novels, redressing old furniture, listening to country or oldies music, and sharing some good ol’ quality time over coffee with her childhood best friend. Bethany loves participating in sports and theater, and enjoys her family’s lively dinner-table discussions concerning current events, politics, or the Bible. Loving TeenPact from her first One Day Class, she is delighted and humbled with the opportunity to serve the ministry in furthering its mission of building up future leaders.


SEAN CARPENTER – 2017 Intern

Sean Carpenter was born, raised, and is blessed to live in the happy state of Georgia where the peaches, natural beauty, and Atlanta traffic come as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines. Sean has a loving family with one sibling and a popular cat named Pumpkin. Among his many interests, Sean particularly enjoys soccer, politics, spending quality time with friends, road trips and cheering his beloved soccer team, Liverpool F.C. Sean’s first experience with TeenPact came in 2011 under the gold dome where he was introduced to an understandable view of government, a group of friends which he values beyond words, and a deeper knowledge of his faith in Christ. Through the alumni events he attended and the relationships he was graced with, TeenPact became an ever-growing part of Sean’s life. He is elated to be a part of the intern team and to share, grow and follow in the amazing path God has for this season!



Born and raised in the heart of the South, Kelley Crampton is proud to call Tupelo, Mississippi her home.  With four brothers, two sisters, and a precious newborn nephew, she strongly believes in the “organized chaos” (but mostly chaos) of life.  A few of her favorite things are cozy road trips, cold weather, corny jokes, old books, thoughtful letters, squinty smiles, and anything covered in stars & stripes.  Kelley was brought into the TeenPact world after being encouraged (forced, even) to go to a 2012 State Class by her four TeenPacter siblings.  She left the class craving more of its rousing discussions, critical thinking, Christ-centered friendships, and valuable lessons about Jesus.  TeenPact showed her how two things she already loved – politics and Christianity – could blend together so beautifully.  She’s been pushed to grow in her relationship with Christ throughout every step of her journey with TeenPact: as a student, staffer, and now intern.  She’s excited and humbled to be part of what the Lord will do through this ministry in the 2017 season!



Jeremiah Fitzpatrick was born and raised in the greatest city on earth — Tampa, Florida.  Growing up in Tampa has given Jeremiah a love for people and for sports. When not at TeenPact, you can find him being social, playing or watching sports or some combination of the two. He enjoys all forms of competition has either played or watched every sport he can think of.  Though his love for his city is great, his love for TeenPact is even greater. In 2012 Jeremiah attended his first Four Day Class and on the Wednesdaynight of that class, he surrendered his life to Jesus. The life change that he has personally experienced through TeenPact is what inspires Jeremiah to invest and serve the students of the ministry. He is humbled and excited to have the opportunity to continue to serve the ministry on the 2017 intern team.



Preston Glisson hails from the college town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is the oldest of ten siblings.  He attended his first TeenPact Four Day Class in 2012, and was shocked to realize that not only can “homeschool government camp” be an enjoyable experience, but it can also connect you to like-minded students from all over, and more importantly, motivate you to deepen your relationship with Christ!  Preston has been coming back to TeenPact events ever since.  When Preston isn’t leading groups of students around state capitols, he enjoys spending time with his rapidly growing family, participating in competition of any kind, playing piano and guitar, and making new friends.  After living in Uganda for six years, Preston has a passion for mission work, both overseas and within his community.  Preston is thrilled to get the opportunity to serve the ministry, and he can’t wait to see how God uses him and the rest of the team this season.


ALEC HANSEN – 2017 Intern

Having lived in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago his whole life, Alec is excited to have this opportunity to travel around the nation with TeenPact this season. Passionate about photography, theater, and piano, Alec loves art. When he isn’t creating, he spends his spare time working at Chick-fil-A, reading political books and articles, and spending time with his two older brothers and younger sister. Fittingly described as expressive, spunky and spontaneous, Alec is an adventure junkie for anything and everything related to mountains or travel. Starting his TeenPact journey in 2015, he is thankful for how God has used TeenPact to inspire him with a drive and calling to combine missions and politics. He is eager with anticipation at seeing the powerful ways in which God will work in the 2017 TeenPact season.



Coming from a military family, Elizabeth has been proud to call seven states home. She currently hails from the historic city of Williamsburg, Virginia. The oldest of five girls, she spends much of her time exploring and going on adventures with her younger sisters. She also enjoys photography, running, finding new coffee shops, and traveling the world. She is excited for the opportunity to attend Liberty University and study business. Elizabeth’s time in TeenPact began as a One Day student at the Louisiana capitol, and since then God has continued to use TeenPact to grow her as a Christian and enabled her to be a leader in all areas of her life. This year, she looks forward to forging new friendships and seeing God work in the lives of people around the country!


NOAH MARTIN – 2017 Intern

Coffee, music, and people. If you see Noah, odds are he will have a mug of black coffee in hand, sappy music playing, friends nearby, or some combination of the three. A former Chick-fil-A employee, Noah now works at an ice cream shop in Chesterfield, VA. Noah enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, going on adventures, longboarding, and spending time with his seven siblings. He won’t call himself a coffee snob, but he will take any opportunity to go to a coffee shop. Noah’s first encounter with TeenPact was at age 5. Since then, he has attended and staffed many events. Over the years, Noah has grown up around TeenPacters. They have taught him what it looks like to be an image bearer for Christ. This 2017 season with TeenPact Noah looks forward to coming alongside young people all over the country and pouring into them as he has been poured into. And above all he looks forward to seeing God work in, through, and in spite of him!


JUSTIN MYERS – 2017 Intern

Justin Myers is the oldest of four children, born and raised on the beautiful plains of Omaha, Nebraska. He attended the first TeenPact Nebraska class in 2013, and has loved every minute of his time with the ministry. A political junky, Justin enjoys working on campaigns, reading conservative publications, and discussing the latest news in politics with his family. He also enjoys competitive speech and debate, filmmaking, photography, and anything that has to do with history. Justin loves the thrill of walking down capitol halls and getting the opportunity to meet others who are just as passionate about government as he is, even if they disagree. Justin’s life was changed by TeenPact and the example set by the staff and interns he met and admired as a student. It was while at his second TeenPact class that his faith became the most important thing in his life, and he can’t wait for the things God has in store for the 2017 TeenPact season.


SAVANNAH ROACH – 2017 Intern

Born in central Florida and raised in the South, Savannah currently calls Charlotte, North Carolina home. In her free time, you can likely find her listening to a concert in the arts district, discovering a new coffee shop, or consuming ice cream with friends.  A product of home, private, and public education, Savannah hopes to be a lifelong learner.  She has strong interests in public policy, culture, languages, and a passion for people.  She loves joining God in bringing the gospel to her community.  When Savannah first attended a TeenPact class in 2014, she was struck by the depth and sincerity of discipleship she saw.  Thrilled for this upcoming season, her primary hope is that the team and students will experience the full joy of walking with Jesus.


REBEKAH RUNEY – 2017 Intern

Rebekah Runey was born in Germany, but currently calls lovely southern Virginia her home. The second of four wonderful siblings, simple pleasures such as mountain trails, clouds of all types, and everything bagels hold a dear place in her heart. However her greatest delight lies in meaningful time spent with people: whether that’s an early morning with a friend to catch the sunrise, bonding over a shared love of water coloring, or hearing someone’s stories. Since her initial involvement in TeenPact as a One Day student, the Lord has used the organization to equip her to be not just a leader, but servant of Christ as well. Thrilled and humbled to serve on the 2017 intern team, Rebekah is praying expectantly that the Father would work in and through her team this season to magnify His empowering goodness towards His sons and daughters.


JESSIE SHARP – 2017 Intern

Hailing from the Heart of America, Jessie is proud to call Kansas, the state with the Biggest Ball of Twine, her home. Her family owns and operates a small cattle ranch, for which Jessie and her three sisters are the ranch hands. A normal day for Jessie can range from wrangling cattle to fixing fence, and anything in between. When she’s not helping out on the ranch, some of her greatest joys are traveling, teaching 4 to 5 year olds at her church, and playing piano. Jessie has a deep love for cultural foods, all things literary, discovering people’s passions, and talking about this wild adventure called life. A turning point in her faith was when she attended her first TeenPact class in 2012, where she was drawn to the worship, challenging sessions, and incredible friendships. Jessie is looking forward to her time serving as an intern, and to how God is going to stretch her and reveal more of His beauty and sovereignty in her life. Her prayer for this season is that not only will God grow greater in her eyes, but that He will glorify himself through her, through TeenPact, and through her fellow interns.


RILEY SKEEN – 2017 Intern

Riley grew up eating green chile on everything from pizza to hamburgers to breakfast burritos under the huge skies of northwestern New Mexico. He enjoys all things sports, from hiking and backpacking the Rockies in his backyard to organizing Ultimate Frisbee tournaments to raise awareness and support for adoption. Growing up as a pastor’s kid with a door always open to hospitality, Riley is passionate about building real life community and a culture of speaking truth in love. Riley attended TeenPact and Survival as a tag-along with his three older sisters before he was old enough to participate. A foot and a half taller and many State Classes later, Riley is grateful for the opportunities TeenPact has given him to grow in leadership and build friendships centered on the grace of the Gospel.


DAVID TAYLOR – 2017 Intern

Hailing from the largest city in the Last Frontier, “The Land of the Midnight Sun” – Anchorage, Alaska – David Taylor is the fourth of five siblings, all of which have been involved in TeenPact.  David’s TeenPact experience began back in 2009 when he attended his first One Day Class. He attended his first Four Day State Class in 2012, and has had the opportunity to staff with TeenPact over the last two seasons. Coming from a musically inclined family, outside of TeenPact, David spends his time leading worship from the drums and the piano. He also spends time studying information technology at a local vocational school, riding bikes, and playing a little one-on-one basketball with his brother. God has given David a heart for worship; not only worship through music and song, but a burning passion to live every aspect of life in worship to the Creator!



Brent Vastbinder has called the sunshine and alligator filled state of Florida home for his entire life. He began his TeenPact journey in 2012 when he attended his first State Class. Going into the week, Brent expected to be wowed by the political training, but left realizing that TeenPact cared more about the condition of someone’s soul than their political stances. The Christ-focused heart of the ministry is the reason Brent is so excited to be serving on the intern team this upcoming season. Outside of TeenPact, Brent enjoys adventures, Ultimate Frisbee, long talks, being crazy, long boarding and the occasional joke or two. His prayer is that God’s kingdom would be built up through the 2017 intern team. Life is a wild and blessed adventure, and Brent is thrilled to watch God change lives to change the world.



Hailing from the land of cornfields, Abigail lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her parents, twin sister, and identical twin brothers. Romanian by birth, she came to the United States at 22 months. It must have been that first international flight that gave her a passion for traveling. Passport in hand, Abigail hopes to see for herself all corners of the earth. Her list of favorites include coffee, chocolate, ice cream, cats, volleyball, the piano, anything adventurous, laughing, and deep conversations. Abigail also has a love for Africa, where she is currently living until November 2016. She is staying with host families, and serving in various schools and ministries.  Her journey with TeenPact began at Nebraska’s inaugural class in 2013. Seeing young leaders on fire for Christ hooked her to TeenPact, and sharing that passion with others is what she loves most about the ministry. Abigail is humbled and excited to serve as an intern, and is confident that God is going to work mightily throughout this upcoming season.


ARYN YOUNG – 2017 Intern

Aryn Young is from the beautiful state of Oregon and is proud to call the state her home. Having lived there most of her life, she loves the beautiful scenery and the opportunity for adventure that surrounds her in the valley of southern Oregon. Aryn is a very enthusiastic person and she loves being around people, both to challenge them and allow them to challenge her. Although building relationships and bonds with those around her is her main passion, she also enjoys many other things such as studying mathematics and theology, playing sports, and anything else involving competition. Aryn likes to stay busy making memories and counts boredom as one of her least favorite things. She is so excited to be serving on the 2017 intern team and looks forward to God’s plan for the coming TeenPact season.


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