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Serena Deloglos February 27, 2015
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I will never forget the first time that I set foot into my state Capitol. I was nine years old and clung to my mother. In hand was a bill that I had written for something called the “TeenPact One Day Class.” My idea was to establish a State Apple Picking Day in Colorado. Participation in this new holiday would be mandatory. Those who refused would be fined and imprisoned.


My bill didn’t pass out of the student mock legislature.


However, despite this loss, that day was an incredibly impactful one —not only for me, but also for my family. I was awestruck throughout the whole day, seeing my Capitol for the first time in a hands-on, engaging way and learning new things about my state. After the day was spent exploring the Capitol, praying for my leaders, and learning about how the government worked, I was hungry for more. One day was simply too little time for me.


My story parallels that of many students who attend TeenPact’s One Day State Class. Designed for 8-12 year olds, students participate in a wide variety of activities that come from the same core elements of our Four Day program. Students become Representatives in a mock legislature, go on a prayer walk, participate in the Bill Skit, and discover their Capitol building first hand. By the end of the day, students will not only understand their state government, but also the role of Christians in politics.


The government doesn’t just impact grown adults. It impacts the whole family—teens and children alike. TeenPact believes in the capacity of young people, and this extends even to preteens.  We believe that young people (no matter their age) should be given the opportunity to learn, understand and have a voice in their government.


TeenPact believes in the capacity of young people.


The six hours that I spent as a One Day student led to many more in TeenPact. I went on to attend the Four Day Class, summer Alumni Events, and traveled as a volunteer staffer. Now, as TeenPact’s Assistant Director of Communications and Staff Development, I can honestly say that there are few better ways to impact the lives of elementary students than bringing them to a One Day Class.


Do you have a story of how you were impacted by the One Day Class in your state? We would love to hear from you. Email [email protected] today!


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