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How God Equips Us For Life After High School

Madelyn Fryer January 24, 2020
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“What are your plans after High School?” While asked with kind intentions, this question causes anxiety and reminds us of all of the uncertainty of the future. 


I struggled for several years to discover my “passions,” but I really had no clue what that even meant. I became frustrated when people asked me what I wanted to do. I could talk about my hobbies all day long, but I was never truly passionate about them. How could I go to college if I did not have anything that excited me? Maybe you can relate.


For a while, I remained in this trap of trying to determine my calling and questioning my own value. During this season, I searched to find an identity that should have been rooted in God. I had a core issue that was affecting everything about my life, including my decision about college! I did not believe I was talented enough to go to college. So while everyone else was getting ready to pursue their life-long dream of aviation, business, or nursing, I sat by feeling clueless. 


Is it possible that we trivialize the will of God? Why do we stress over making the right decision? Do we even stop to recognize that God speaks through the activity AND the silence? I need to rest in Him. You need to rest in Him. Restin Him by starting your day in prayer, aligning your heart with His, and tuning your ear to the sound of His voice. In doing so, you enter into the life-long sanctifying journey of pursuing your goals with the Lord at your side. 


While in this season, you may stress about choosing your next steps, but this is training for difficult decisions you will have to make for the rest of your life. In Matthew 13:31, we are taught that faith “as small as a mustard seed can move a mountain.” The point is not about having great faith in God, but having faith in a great God! Magnify His plan by trusting the process He is leading you through in the still quiet moments and in the crazy busyness that ebbs and flows.


College for me is not about checking a box on my to-do list of growing up; it is about developing my newly found passions, gifts, and desire to live radically dependent on God through living a life that is unusual, exciting, challenging, and different. This season showed me that, for me, going to college was about getting to figure life out instead of going with an already discovered dream/passion. God was calling me to be a student, but this will look different for everyone. You may spend four years at a University or this season may include going to Community College and transferring into another school. You may even be called to start your own business or pursue a career without college. Regardless of the route you take, your story will look different than the people around you. 


Whatever opportunity is before you, seek the Lord’s wisdom. He will help you. Don’t be anxious. By obeying God’s will for your life, you will experience real peace.



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