National Convention 2023

July 24, 2023
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Inside the Mission


National Convention 2023

At the end of May each year, TeenPact’s National Convention brings alumni and leaders from across the country to focus on building our relationship with God and each other. National Convention 2023 had the highest attendance ever, with 873 teens, 148 chaperones, plus 83 additional leaders-more than 1,100 attendees! 


Spiritual Growth
National Convention provides focused time on building attendees’ relationship with God and equipping them to make a difference in their communities and world. Below, teens share how thier experience at this year’s National Convention impacted them spiritually.


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Every year, a theme is prayerfully chosen for all who attend to contemplate the Lord and His Word more deeply. This year’s theme, Beholding, encouraged teens and adults alike to consider what they regularly gaze upon: “What you look at shapes who you are. Maybe what you’re looking at disappoints you or is draining, full of comparison and busyness.. Perhaps what you are beholding hasn’t produced the kind of joy and life you long for. Pick up your head and look to the only One who is worthy of beholding.”



Building Social Skills and Christ-centered Community

This week is not only designed to foster an increasing relationship with Christ, but to provide a myriad of opportunities to connect and deepen relationships with others. Teens frequently report that TeenPact experiences help them become more confident in their social skills, allowing them to have a greater impact in their personal and professional lives.



What an amazing week that was blessed by God in so many wonderful ways. God answered many prayers throughout the week, changed lives for eternity, and equipped lives for the future. We are so grateful for the blessings that He gave us. Thank you to all who have faithfully prayed and given so that this impact was possible.” 


With Gratitude and Blessings,

Peter Martin, CEO