October Encore

October 26, 2021
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Encore highlights the stories of TeenPact Alumni through the years. This month features 2020 Traveling Intern Danny Pearson.

Danny Pearson is a junior at Palm Beach Atlantic University studying Business Management and Entrepreneurialism, and also a member of the PBA Honors Community. He served in multiple leadership roles in TeenPact before being a 2020 Traveling Intern. Danny recently shared about his experiences in TeenPact.


“TeenPact was an incredible place for me to learn and grow. The TeenPact State Class provided a safe place to step out of my comfort zone. While practicing newly-learned communication and leadership skills, I felt safe from the ‘fear’ of social backlash, which gave me confidence to continually try new challenges.”

“I was inspired by the role models of the Interns and Staffers. At the end of the State Class, when they revealed their ages, their examples made me realize that I could do what they were doing, too. The adults involved in TeenPact are also incredible role models – the TeenPact employees and the parents TeenPact attracts. TeenPact is a wonderful community of ‘iron-sharpening-iron’ friends and families.”


“I learned so many things during my time in TeenPact,” Danny said. He shared that as a student, he learned to stretch himself to do things he thought were difficult and uncomfortable. Danny said that during his time as an Intern, he learned how to really buckle down for a demanding schedule that lasted for two or three weeks. “I had to consistently work hard, maintaining a lot of responsibility with few breaks.” Danny and the other 2020 Interns and Staffers also had the opportunity to experience and manage disappointment as their Season was cut in half due to COVID cancellation of State Classes. 


Danny’s motivation to serve through the mission of TeenPact came out of a desire to ‘give back’ and to help others have the impact he had experienced through TeenPact’s programs. Now that he is in college at Palm Beach Atlantic University, he continues to seek ways to serve others. Danny is serving on the Steering Committee at PBA and is helping to build a new club on campus, the Entrepreneurs Club. “Palm Beach has a unique slant to their business degree. They teach how the Christian faith influences business. This is the first year the Club is in full swing. We’ve invited inspiring speakers and created helpful workshops for the meetings this year.”


“I learned in TeenPact that you get out of it what you put into it. I’ll carry this understanding into everything I do in my life.”