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Peter Martin February 01, 2016
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Behind every ministry is a vision and mission. If you’ve been a TeenPacter for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with our vision statement, “Changing Lives to Change the World” as well as our mission to “Train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things.” Behind these two governing statements is a set of Core Values. The following seven values have been established by our Board of Directors and makeup the behind-the-scenes backbone of our ministry. As such, we wanted to give you a chance to read through them and better get to know TeenPact as a whole.





Core Value 1: To Glorify God

We believe the greatest calling upon a Christian life is to glorify God.  Since our founding, throughout our institutional history, and in our current practice, we believe the chief end of this ministry is to glorify God. We also believe that all of creation was made to glorify God and is uniquely designed by His hand for that end.





Core Value 2: Authority of the Bible

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God; that it is infallible, without error, and the ultimate standard of how we should live our lives.  We boldly affirm the Bible’s absolute truths, recognizing that belief in absolute truth will conflict with an unbelieving and post-modern culture.





Core Value 3: Biblical Truth is Culturally Relevant

We believe Biblical truth is the guide for our personal lives, for how we interact with other Christians, for how we interact with unbelievers, and for how we think the world should be Biblical truths apply both privately and publicly, informing our personal actions and beliefs, as well as our perspective of social responsibility and foundations of law.  In particular, we recognize the application of a Biblical worldview in the founding of our country, and encourage the continued commitment of Christians to actively participate as citizens.





Core Value 4: Spiritual Growth

We intentionally seek to foster spiritual growth for God’s glory, for personal development, and for the edification of the Body of Christ.   We believe that a vibrant and solid personal faith is a worthy goal of our ministry.  We recognize that families are the fundamental instruments for spiritual growth and that parents have the primary responsibility for oversight in the upbringing and education of their children.  Our programs include reading and teaching of the Bible, corporate and personal prayer time, and worshiping together in spirit and truth. Our ministry is unashamedly Christian with a discipleship focus. Emphasis on a deepening relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another is a fundamental basis upon which other core values can be built.  We hope the spiritual growth in our students will be sown and take root in their daily lives, resulting in personal and corporate revival.





Core Value 5: Servant Leadership

We believe that Christ has called us to serve one another. We believe young people should be challenged and trained to lead in the context of serving others. We uniquely combine the power of experiential learning, sincere belief in God’s structure of authority, and peer influence to develop a broad base of current and future leaders, emphasizing integrity and humility in the process.   We believe that the example of Christ and positive peer pressure create a unique opportunity to produce skilled future leaders.





Core Value 6: Godly Character

We believe developing godly character is necessary to glorify God, and thus godliness is a fundamental component of the atmosphere we create at our programs.  This atmosphere includes modest and professional dress, godly speech, and a culture that is free from romantic pressure.  We believe that godly character is both a principle and an end against which our manmade laws can and should be evaluated and tested.  Biblical purity is one result of godly character. We believe God’s plan for marriage between a man and a woman, and the Biblical roles of men and women, are true, good, and are designed to bring Him the greatest glory.  We ask our leadership, employees, and volunteers to agree with and hold to high standards of conduct, which promote godly character.





Core Value 7: Excellence for Impact

We believe that God’s standard for excellence is different than the world’s standard. Realizing that outward standards are not synonymous with inward holiness, we emphasize grace over judgment.  We have sought and will continue to seek the guidance of Biblical truth and the Holy Spirit to make the greatest impact on our world.  We affirm the ability of young people to significantly impact the culture through character and purity that flows from a genuine love for Jesus Christ.





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