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Evie Erickson November 05, 2021
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What is the role of a servant? It is pretty straightforward. Their job is to serve.


This seems obvious, yet it also seems to be something that we, as believers, struggle to grasp.


For a long time, when I gave up my time to serve in an outreach ministry or church fellowship, I would have to “step into a servant’s mindset” until the ministry event, week, or whatever it was, was over.


This understanding of what it means to be a servant is incredibly wrong. It is not a “role” that we “step into” under specific circumstances, like Sunday serving, outreach, or even a TeenPact class. Rather, it is a lifestyle that we are called to live.


A servant should not be offended or upset when given an undesirable job or an unfair amount of work. The literal job description of a servant is to serve! That is what they signed up to do. As followers of Christ, that is what we have signed up to do.


However, there are days that servants do not feel like doing their job. They can go about the right work with the wrong heart set. At least for me, the Lord has revealed to me a few points that help me not only live a lifestyle of service, but also one of joy:


1. We get to serve because of Christ’s love for us!

Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us. Rather than looking at a task as an unfair amount of work, or a job as undesirable, we can look at it as a chance to love Christ, who first loved us. Practically, this can be expressed through service towards others.


2. We get to look different than the world! 

The scriptures repeatedly talk about how we are supposed to be different. We are to be a light on a hill. We are to be set apart. By simply doing a job, submitting to our authorities, or even doing small acts of service around our houses, without complaining, we are witnesses for Christ!


3. We get to be servant leaders 

TeenPact teaches about leading by example. It is one thing to do this at a state class; It is another to do it in real life. It is not always glamorous. It is not always fun. It is not always from on the stage in front of everyone. But even by simply doing dishes that are not yours or volunteering for an undesirable job, we GET to set an example and lead others by serving!


4. We get to be like our savior

Christ set the ultimate example for us to follow when he washed the feet of his followers. He was the greatest of all, yet He came humbly down to earth. He did the lowliest job of all, washing dirty old feet. He commanded us to do likewise. Therefore, we should be willing and excited to serve in any context, even the lowliest or grossest jobs, just as our Savior did.


As followers of Christ, we are, by definition, servants. View your workplace as the mission field where others can see your good works and glorify the Lord. View your house as a place to serve. View your friend group as a place to encourage and pour into others intentionally. View your life as an opportunity to live out the gospel call.


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Evie Erickson

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