Sophia Gebert Thomsen

February 07, 2022
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As the sixth of eight children in a family heavily involved in TeenPact Ohio and multiple Alumni Events, Sophia Gebert Thomsen says, “I’ve been a part of TeenPact most of my life. I really enjoyed attending events, usually with my twin sister, Joy.”


“I’m so grateful for the training I received. My TeenPact experiences equipped me to think critically about government and other issues. I also learned how to have good conversations – basically, how to talk to people. TeenPact taught me how to handle uncomfortable situations.” 


Sophia goes on to explain that her two years of being a Staffer – helping to lead State Classes – provided plenty of opportunities to practice using the skills she learned as a Student. Sophia reports that everyday in her job, while leading her peers on project teams, she uses the skills she learned in TeenPact. 


As a monthly donor since 2016, Sophia is a very faithful, generous supporter! She explains why she gives each month:

TeenPact changed my life, and I want to help it change others. I think it’s critical to teach the rising generation how to engage in our system of government in an intelligent way from a Christian worldview.”


Sophia graduated from Grove City College and is now working as a software developer from her home in North Carolina. In March of 2021, she and Benjamin Thomsen were married. In their spare time, they may be found scraping floral wallpaper to renovate their house!