Staff Training 2024

January 22, 2024
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In mid-January, almost 400 TeenPact leaders and leaders-in-training gathered at TeenPact’s Staff Training event in North Carolina to prepare  for the State Class Season. All 2024 Staff and State Coordinators were invited to come and work with our National Office Staff and the 2024 Traveling Intern Team. These leaders will comprise Staff Teams at 67 State Classes in 2024, reaching thousands of youth with powerful discipleship and leadership training, coupled with civics education from a biblical perspective.


Below, Staffers share about the impact of Staff Training.

Staff Training is a week of hands-on leadership instruction designed to give staff a better understanding of why we serve and how we serve. During the week, participants’ hearts and minds were prepared for staffing a TeenPact State Class, while they also learned the discipleship and leadership concepts that will serve them in whatever future roles God calls them to. 


As with all TeenPact events, worship, personal devotions, and Christian fellowship were core components of the week, while a rigorous schedule of learning and practice sessions were carefully planned to provide robust education and training.



Each day, participants worshiped the Lord together and attended engaging lectures that provided a strong understanding of the ‘why’ of TeenPact,  as TeenPact leaders carefully explained the core values and mission. Attendees also heard valuable information about other topics pertinent for State Class teams. Then, after large group sessions, the full cohort broke into smaller groups to delve into specific details about leading State Class field experiences, including hands-on practice for each element of the State Class program.

After this full week of education and training, State Class team members are ready to lead State Classes. In addition, they are prepared to excel in leadership and ministry opportunities they will encounter outside of TeenPact.


Supporters’ investment of time and treasure makes TeenPact’s Staff Training, State Classes, and Alumni Events possible! We are grateful to partner with many like-minded individuals and organizations to inspire,  train, and educate the rising generation to wholeheartedly follow Christ and engage the culture in His name.