Alumni Event Coordinator

Alexis Kaufman

Alexis Kaufman happily calls the countryside just outside Houston, Texas, home.


Her TeenPact journey from student > staff > Intern > Alumni Events Coordinator began at an unsuspecting 2012 Texas State Class. With a knack for bringing joy to everything she does, Alexis creates laughter and fun at TeenPact events while she works to connect and help people.


A lover of music, Alexis can be found dancing, strumming a guitar, or tickling the ivories at any given moment. Her passion for young people and art collide in her dance studio as she ministers to younger students. On rare, quiet days when Alexis isn’t serving her peers or entertaining guests, she loves to be with her Bible and some coffee, preferably sitting on the porch of her home she and her parents built with their own hands. Alexis recently became Mrs. Kaufman when she married fellow TeenPacter, Zach Kaufman, in September 2018.