Assistant Director of Communications

Anna Montgomery

Anna Montgomery (and her crazy sidekick pup, Flynn), happily call the cornfields of Columbus, Indiana home.


She got her start in TeenPact in 2003 when she attended her first One Day Class. It was a tremulous beginning—she cried the whole way there. But, she ended up loving it, and continued in TeenPact as a student and staffer before co-State Coordinating TeenPact Indiana for five years.


Before joining the TeenPact Office, her career included small business coaching, working as a design strategist for churches and non-profits, and leading U.S. Capitol tours for former Congressman Mike Pence. Anna gets excited about lots of things, especially when it involves the color yellow, typography, good food, traveling, cozy spots, and dreaming up new ideas with friends. She is also a firm believer in the truth that every sentence should end with an exclamation point! That energy flows through her joy in making art and Duffins (these donut/muffin thingies). She is a certified MBTI® Coach and uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (and Duffins) to help people work together as a more cohesive team.