2019 TeenPact Program Director

Brandon Batchelor

Brandon Batchelor was born in the mountain city of Butte, Montana. It wasn’t long though before the charm of the Midwest called and Brandon moved to the sometimes weird and flat city of Omaha, Nebraska. The Batchelor family dives deep into whatever they do – whether it’s over-watching and overanalyzing movies together, SCUBA diving together in the Bahamas, or passionately photographing life around them.


In 2013, Nebraska had its first TeenPact State Class and Brandon’s mom was one of the first to sign him and his older sister up for the class. The love and spiritual knowledge displayed by the staff team encouraged him to return and he’s been hooked ever since! Whether staffing a State Class or Alumni Event, Brandon always leaves TeenPact events encouraged in his faith and excited for the next adventure. He loves seeing the way TeenPact changes people with the purpose of sending them out into the world to model servant-hearted leadership, excitement for biblical principles, and a Christ-centered community. God has used the ministry of TeenPact to show him what it actually means to pursue Christ in everyday life. As he serves as one of our 2019 Program Directors, Brandon is excited to be a part of the transformation of lives through the ministry of TeenPact.


With an indomitable love for life and people, Brandon thrives when he’s rock climbing, hiking, discussing politics, seeking outdoor adventures, watching filmography essays, having a deep conversation with a friend, or documenting his experiences through photographs. Passionate, encouraging, and unstoppable, he approaches everything – Tae Kwon Do, the art of coffee making, or studying biblical languages – with focus and excitement. It’s always easy to find Brandon in a crowd as he bounds through a room wearing a collection of different styles and getting people hyped for the next exciting activity.  


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