Amber Fischer

Amber Fischer is an avid thinker and writer and former TeenPact Staffer. Amber has lived on the West Coast most of her life, growing up in Portland, Oregon and now living in San Diego, California. She is married to her husband Micah, an engineer working for the U.S. Navy, and together they have a one-year-old son, Milo and a Corgi named Malcolm.


After attending her first Four Day State Class in 2005, Amber was a TeenPact student for several years before staffing with TeenPact and running for office at National Convention in 2009. Amber is now a stay at home mom and writer. She is currently writing a book about seeking Biblical joy in our lives.


Amber is passionate about many things, including but not limited to: worldviews, Biblical literacy and theology, Biblical motherhood, coffee, and seeking joy in the day to day. She loves to read, write, and study during her son’s naptimes and enjoys breezy walks and delicious food with her family.


You can find her on Instagram at @ambercolleenfischer.