2018 TeenPact Intern

Hayley Harbin

Hayley Harbin is a Georgia peach–born and raised. Calling the happiest city in the state, Tyrone, Georgia, home. Hayley is the youngest of six siblings and now the aunt of eight little nieces and nephews.


Although she has been actively involved in the political scene over the past few years since her dad is a State Senator, she quickly realized and loved that TeenPact was so much more than a political class. She embraced the relational and spiritual growth cultivated from the environment and has seen God work through TeenPact in incredible ways over the past five years. Hayley is abounding with hope for all that is ahead in the 2018 season!


Hayley Harbin served as a 2018 TeenPact Intern. Nothing brings Hayley joy quite like spontaneity, traveling, lame jokes, mountains, breakfast food, people’s stories, and a good cup of Joe. Speaking of a good cup of Joe, when Hayley isn’t on the road with TeenPact, she earns her pennies at her favorite local coffee shop.


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