2021 Program Director

Isaac Richardson

Isaac grew up outside of Kansas City, Missouri, and is excited to have this opportunity to travel around the nation as a Program Director with TeenPact this season. Isaac works as a barista trainer at Starbucks and loves the creative environment that comes with working at a coffee shop. 


After attending a One Day Class in 2012, Isaac wasn’t interested in returning to TeenPact. In fact, he actually cried himself to sleep the night his parents told him he would be attending a Four Day Class in 2015. After the class ended, however, he realized how much he loved the ministry, and has been involved ever since. Isaac is extremely thankful for the ways that the Lord has used TeenPact is his own life. He loves how this ministry encourages young people to be educated in politics and, more importantly, to seek a relationship with the Lord. 


Isaac loves being spontaneous and is passionate about traveling, trying new things and meeting new people. He enjoys listening to music, playing the violin, and spending time with his parents and three siblings. He is so excited to see all the ways that the Lord is going to move throughout the 2021 TeenPact season.


2021 Program Directors