Jakob Myers

Jakob Myers lives in the larger-than-expected city of Omaha, Nebraska. Contrary to popular opinion, Jakob did not grow up in corn fields. Rather, Jakob grew up, with his two older brothers and younger sister.


A passionate and self-proclaimed political and history nerd, Jakob competed in speech and debate on a national level for five years. He loves a good competition and loves watching, playing, and talking sports with anyone who will indulge him. Jakob’s passion for politics and history has led him toward a desire to pursue law. While he can debate policy with the best of them, don’t be surprised if you find him chasing sunsets, throwing a frisbee, or eating fruit snacks with friends.


Jakob had an early start with TeenPact, attending his first One Day Class at the age of eight. Growing up in the ministry, he has been shaped and discipled by the Staffers and Interns that took intentional time to pour into him. Through TeenPact, the Holy Spirit convicted him to make his faith his own, pursuing an intimate relationship with the Father. Because of the impact of individuals in TeenPact, Jakob has experienced true joy, freedom, and peace that the Spirit provides. He is excited to serve on the 2022 Intern Team as a Program Director. Jakob cannot wait to see what the Lord does this year through TeenPact and through him.


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