Registration Manager

Jessica McIntyre

Jessica McIntyre grew up in the picturesque little town of Kittery, Maine. Living “Where America’s Day Begins,” there’s always an adventure to be had. Whether she’s running a race or sipping a maple latte, she always seeks to enjoy each moment to the fullest.


After getting her start in TeenPact at the early age of eleven, Jessica quickly grew to love the community and friends she found at her State Class and nationally. While she enjoys the academic aspect of TeenPact, her favorite part is the refreshing discipleship-focused environment that calls individuals to a higher standard of excellence – it’s this love for equipping leaders that encouraged her to join the TeenPact National Office Team.


Jessica comes from a fun-loving, adventure-seeking family of seven: two fantastical, supportive parents, one superb older sister and three beloved little brothers. Thoughtful and driven, Jessica isn’t one to be easily deterred – although she’s relocated to work for TeenPact, she’s continuing to work hard, pursuing her degree in business management  . . . and the goal of running a race in every state in the U.S.

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