2019 TeenPact Program Director

Jonathan Gosz

Jonathan Gosz was born and raised in Stillwater, Oklahoma, along with his seven favorite people (aka his siblings). With his happy smile and cheerful demeanor, it’s no surprise that Jonathan’s hometown was named one of the Ten Happiest Small Places in America (and home of the most amazing cheese fries).


Jonathan is passionate about reaching the hearts and minds of young people with the gospel. After first experiencing TeenPact as a student in 2013, his life was changed forever when he was  asked, “do you follow Jesus because YOU follow Jesus, or are you just piggy-backing off of your parents faith?” That question wrecked him and opened his eyes to see that his faith wasn’t really his at all. It was in this moment that he began truly seeking after Jesus. Jonathan loves seeing how TeenPact challenges young people to grow in their relationship with Christ, think critically, and step outside their comfort zones. As he serves as one of our 2019 Program Directors, Jonathan is looking forward to making new friendships and seeing God move in individual lives across the nation.


Not one to sit quietly, Jonathan is always chasing things. From new guitar skills to a soccer ball, he thrives when he has a challenge and a little healthy competition in front of him. If you arrive unannounced at his home, odds are you will find him devouring a book discussing worldviews, theology, or Christian apologetics. Be sure to ask Jonathan for his list of must-reads! With a huge smile filling his face, Jonathan’s fun-loving and frolicsome outlook on life are ever present – whether he’s making (& eating) chocolate at the candy shop where he works (truly a sweet deal!) or digging massive pits in his backyard with friends.


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