Board Member - since 2022

Justin Horsman

Raised on hobby farms in a military family, Justin grew up with a clear view of a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility. Justin distinctly recalls driving his younger brother to TeenPact for the first time. While sitting in the back of the Maine State Class, he met TeenPact’s Founder, Tim Echols, who discovered Justin’s potential and served as a mentor to him. This mentorship developed Justin’s leadership skills as he applied them in nonprofit ministry and politics.


Justin first served with TeenPact as the State Coordinator of Maine in 2006. During this season of life, he went on to manage numerous successful political campaigns throughout the state. Bethany was one of the first people he hired to pursue these political endeavors, and within a couple of years, the two were happily married!


Justin received his BA from Thomas Edison State University and attended law school for a time. He and Bethany moved to San Antonio in 2010 where he continued his work in Admissions for CollegePlus (now Unbound). After several years of transition, including sales work in Atlanta, Justin and Bethany returned to San Antonio, where they currently enjoy raising their four children, Emma, Reagan, Ava, and Elsie.