2018 TeenPact Intern

Kate Williams

Kate Williams is grateful to call the rolling hills of Franklin, Tennessee, home.


Because Tennessee didn’t have TeenPact until 2014, Kate grew up attending classes in Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, and South Carolina, and quickly realized that TeenPact was well worth the travel. Greatly impacted by the wholehearted discipleship of the Staff and Interns at TeenPact, she is humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to serve as an Intern to further TeenPact’s mission of changing lives through the gospel. It is her prayer that God would be magnified this season in the eyes and actions of the 2018 team.


She has spent most of her free time the past thirteen years training, teaching, or competing as an Irish dancer and has enjoyed every minute of it. Irish dance has taken her on many travels, whether that be piling in the minivan with her sisters and biggest fans—mom, dad, and little brother—to compete around the U.S., to traveling overseas (indeed, she has left a part of her heart on Ireland’s windswept coasts). Her favorite things include drinking chai tea, riding with the windows down, dancing until she no longer can, and gazing at sunsets, which she believes to be God’s love letters.


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