2018 TeenPact Intern

Kathleen Sullivan

Kathleen Sullivan is proud to be a native Floridian having lived Tampa, Florida, her entire life.  


Forced to attend her first TeenPact Four Day State Class in 2013, Kathleen left the week a different person, having realized what it meant to not only be involved with the political process, but also what it looks like to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Kathleen has enjoyed every second she has been involved with TeenPact and is humbled and honored to continue serving with the ministry in this capacity during the upcoming season.


A taco enthusiast and a lover of all things pertaining to office supplies (ask her about this), Kathleen exudes zest for life and confidence. No matter what activity she’s participating in–she loves everything from soccer and lacrosse to piano and guitar–Kathleen will give it 110%. Her happy place is being outdoors, hiking mountains or picnicking on riversides, especially if she’s with friends or her three siblings.


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