2018 TeenPact Intern

Mac McGee

Mac McGee is always up to talk about his native state–Texas. Afterall, he says beaming with pride, on the eighth day God created Texas, and it was very, very good!


Through TeenPact, Mac learned the importance and value of Christ-centered servant leadership. The values and friendships he made through his TeenPact experiences are something he will carry with him throughout his life. He is so very humbled and excited to serve Jesus Christ as a Traveling Intern in the 2018 TeenPact season!


As the youngest of four children in a military family, Mac understands the value of service to God, country and family. Always up for an adventure, Mac is an Eagle Scout who loves anything and everything outdoors. His happy place is in the ocean where he can frequently be found exploring as an enthusiastic scuba diver. When back on dry land, Mac spends his time pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities, running several of his small businesses incorporating his love for craftsmanship.


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