Former TeenPact Events Manager

Macaela Bennett

Macaela Bennett hails from the land of chai lattes and emerald landscapes — Portland, Oregon. In high school, she worked at a favorite pacific northwestern restaurant chain spinning milkshakes and bagging sweet potato fries.


Macaela got her start in TeenPact at the One Day Class where, sadly, she left distraught after her bill failed to pass in TeenPact Legislature. Several years later, Macaela’s older sister attended a Four Day Class and encouraged Macaela to give TeenPact a second chance after a life-changing experience.


With the heart of a traditionalist, Macaela’s thoughtful perspective and bright smile make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside—like a cup of tea on a rainy day. If she gets her hands on a piece of paper, it will be transformed into a paper crane, and if she gets her hands on a task, it will be transformed into, well, a completed task.