Communications Manager

Riley Skeen

While now living in Dallas, Texas, Riley Skeen grew up right in the middle of adventure – literally and figuratively. Hailing from Farmington, New Mexico, Riley brings his love for people, good food, and life to the fullest whether at his neighborhood Chipotle or a few hours away enjoying the Grand Canyon, rugged mountains, Moab, backpacking, and nationally acclaimed fishing waters. With three older sisters and the best of parents, Riley’s finds his favorite role has come when he became “Uncle Riley” to a growing number of nephews and nieces.


Tagging along with his three older sisters to State Classes and TeenPact Survival, Riley fell in love with TeenPact before he was even old enough to participate. Since this first State Class experience in 2007, Riley has enjoyed TeenPact as a student and served as a Staffer and most recently, a TeenPact Intern in 2017. Riley is grateful for the countless ways God has used TeenPact in his life to point him to Christ, build up his faith, cultivate deep friendships, and push him towards excellence.


A huge fan of people (especially the 4-year-old variety), good food, and traveling, Riley is happiest when he gets to share life with his favorite people. Whether having a quiet meaningful conversation over a cup of coffee or spontaneously exploring a new place with friends, he is the kind, intuitive, deep, and goofy friend everyone needs. With a love for good competition, he’s always down for just about any sport – Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, spikeball, and basketball – give him a ball to chase, and he’s there. Riley enjoys spending time with friends, serving in his church, listening to Spotify, playing with puppies, and delighting in his left-handedness. #leftiesunite