Director of Staff Development

Serena Deloglos

Serena Deloglos hails from Aurora, Colorado — the land of tall mountains, gold rushes, and outdoor adventure.


She got her start in TeenPact when her mom signed her up for a One Day State Class. Before getting involved in TeenPact, Serena wanted to study aerospace engineering, but her trajectory changed as soon as she got an internship with a ministry we all know and love. That love is shared by her family, as her parents and brother have worked with TeenPact, the former as State Coordinators in Colorado and the latter as a Staffer.


If you’re looking for a great storyteller, Serena is your go-to. Her penchant for emotional expression (and accents) regularly make the office smile. With a love for candles, tea, and all things cozy, Serena loves talking and thinking with friends, reading, and serving at her local church. Serena changed her last name from Walker to Deloglos when she married her best friend, Christopher, in August 2018. In 2022, she and her husband welcomed a baby daughter into their family!