2018 TeenPact Intern

Zach McCue

Zachary McCue proudly calls the great state of Texas, aka “The Hospitality State,” home. With a passion for people, he is always eager to meet new friends and start new conversations. It seems everywhere he goes, he is befriending strangers – in fact, if meeting new people were a hobby, it would be at the top of Zach’s hobby list.


While he attended his first TeenPact State Class as just another school obligation, Zach quickly found that it was so much more than he could ever have expected. He absolutely loved everything about it, from the first hand capitol and government experience to watching others serve God selflessly throughout the week. Needless to say, he came home from that first class begging to reserve his place in the next year’s State Class right away! Zach is humbled by the opportunity to serve as a 2018 TeenPact Intern and is eager to serve and see all of the wonderful things God has in store for the upcoming season.


If you’re looking for Zach, there is a good chance you’ll find him pouring over challenging books, kicking the soccer ball around with family, and passionately discussing anything from politics and theology to sports and movies.


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