2025 Staff Application

Thank you for your interest in applying to staff with TeenPact! Before you start the application process, please ensure that you are familiar with and fulfill all the roles and requirements for our staff positions. (See Staff With Us page).



Application Steps

To complete the application process, each of the following steps must be taken, both for first-time applicants as well as returning staffers. It will be the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that each step is completed in its entirety. All portions of the application process must be completed by June 30, 2024. Applicants will be notified of our decision by August 15, 2024.


1. Fill out an Application

This is the first step of the process. Only those who have filled out the online application will be included in applicant communication and updates.


2025 Staff Application
2025 Returning Staff Application


2. Request Letters of Reference

After submitting an online application, first-time applicants are required to ask for three reference letters. One should be from the Program Director, and the other two from Traveling Interns who served on their most recent State Class. The Interns and Program Director will assess the applicant based on their interactions and observations during the Four Day Class, and then send their recommendation directly to the National Office to be added to the applicant’s file. After requesting the letters, there’s no need to follow up with the interns or Program Director.


Note: Those who have staffed previously with TeenPact do not need to request letters of reference.


Below is the contact information for each of the 2024 Program Directors and Interns:


Program Directors:

Traveling Interns:


3. Participate in a 15 minute interview

Once you have completed the online application form, we will work with you to set up a 15-minute interview to occur over the phone. Interview scheduling will open up during the State Class season. 


All staff interviews will take place over the phone or onsite at NatCon with a member of our interview team. If you have previously staffed with TeenPact, you do not need to interview again.



Heart of Staffing

Changing lives to change the world is a big vision. However, we believe in the audacity of that goal, as we see the Lord’s grace at work both in and through our students, touching a world in need of transformation. TeenPact boldly seeks to inspire young people to reach for a higher standard characterized by humble service and passionate leadership. Applying to staff with us is one of those ways to continue challenging yourself, grow in your capacity, and seek to practice a deeper level of servant leadership. We are grateful for your interest and step of faith!”


This selection process is highly competitive, and not everyone who applies will be invited to join our staff in 2025. However, we want remind our applicants that they are not defined by the outcome. There are numerous opportunities beyond this experience to participate in the Lord’s redemptive plan. Nevertheless, we take pride in offering a program known for its excellence. We believe that through this program, you will be equipped to serve with humility, lead with passion, and most importantly, change the world. – Johnny Leifheit, Director of Staff Development



If you have questions about applying to staff that are not answered here, please email the Director of Staff Development, Johnny Leifheit, at [email protected]