State Class Alumni Share Before and After Stories

February 27, 2024
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When I attended my first TeenPact State Class, I really just wanted to be inconspicuous and fit in with everyone else. No need to stick out, right? However, it quickly became apparent that we wouldn’t be allowed to sit back and let the week drift by. As we debated bills, went on prayer walks, and held elections, the staff members encouraged us to step out and lead in a way I had never encountered. Similarly, in the evening sessions, the speaker challenged us with messages that grew my faith in an unexpected way. Most importantly, I was shown that everyone has influence in this world, including teens.


I would not be the person that I am today if it were not for this ministry. TeenPact is devoted to building relationships and modeling discipleship in a way that is all too rare these days. It is through involvement in this ministry that I learned how to boldly communicate my faith, sharpen and be sharpened by my peers, as well as found a community of friends who desired nothing more but Christ to be glorified in their lives. TeenPact changes lives through the power of Jesus Christ. I am one of many individuals who have been radically changed, and that is why this ministry is so special to me. TeenPact truly is impacting lives for the glory of God.