TeenPact Venture 2022

November 07, 2022
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TeenPact Venture presents a challenge for young men to be unshakable leaders characterized by integrity, humility, and wisdom – at a time when societal standards for young men are declining. This event is a week for our male students to explore what it means to be a man of Godly character in a society where little is expected of them. 


Sixty-seven young men, more than 10 dad chaperones, and TeenPact leaders gathered at Fort Bluff in Dayton, TN, in September for this powerful event. A few dads provided this feedback:

First introduced in 2011, TeenPact Venture gives young men direct training in valuable life skills such as financial and time management, interviewing, auto and home maintenance, social etiquette, and more. Led by an all-star team, including our 2022 Intern Guys and Program Directors, Venture provides young men with a launchpad to pursue excellence and impact their world for Christ. 


One young man relates about his 2022 Venture experience:


“Wow. Let me count the ways this event has impacted me. I’ve gained so much practical info through man-moments and breakouts. [This week has had] such awesome morning and evening sessions and an amazing theme. By God’s grace, this week will really be a turning point in my life as I go home and desire to practice what I’ve learned this week. No more ‘when I’m older I will…’ This, now, is the time to be a faithful Christian pilgrim. “


Other young men share about the impact this week had on them:

Thank you for supporting TeenPact’s mission to inspire young women and men to authentically follow Christ and help equip them to live as godly young people in a mixed up culture.