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Serena Deloglos April 07, 2016
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Eight years ago, the leadership at TeenPact saw an opportunity for immense growth in the ministry. State Classes and Alumni Events were all going well, but there was more that could be done to not only spur students on toward active statesmanship but also to turn their hearts to desire their Creator more. A vision began to form about how to better serve and train the young women who were involved with the ministry. It was from this vision that Endeavor was born.


Elise Hall was one of the driving forces behind the creation of this new event. As an intern who had just finished up her season, she, as well as other godly women and men, believed that TeenPact had the capacity to encourage, motivate, and equip young women to glorify God at home, at work, at school, and in their communities. Since its formation, the Lord has used Endeavor to strengthen the walks of hundreds of ladies around the country, beginning with the first Endeavor in Oconee, Georgia in 2008. Since then, Endeavor has expanded to a second program in the West. Through it all, Elise has faithfully served as the event’s Program Director.



Recently, I asked Elise what the most meaningful part of the program has been for her. She said, “The ability to learn alongside these Endeavor ladies that the Proverbs 31 woman is applicable to us – at every stage of life – and that [we] can be feminine, beautiful, courageous, and adventurous all while glorifying the Lord.”


It is clear that God has not only used Elise to bless the Endeavor program but he has used Endeavor to nourish her faith as well. Now, with the Alumni Event season approaching, Elise has decided to step down from directing the 2016 Endeavor program. She will be greatly missed but one cannot help but be excited for what the Lord has called her to pursue in the months ahead. For one, Elise currently serves as a state legislator in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and is up for reelection. In addition, her family is seeking to “extend Christ’s love and hospitality” with opening a wood fired pizza restaurant sometime in 2017. These are only a few of the big projects Elise is looking to pursue. When asked how she handles so many responsibilities in a society that looks down on the capacity of young people, Elise was quick to quote a line from Mark Batterson’s book All In, “You cannot be in the presence of God and be bored at the same time…If you follow in the footsteps of Jesus, it will be anything but boring.” She added in her own words, “I believe that TeenPact teaches students just that – to dream big dreams and act on them.”


We will be cheering Elise on as she continues to dive all in to the dreams that God has called her to.



As we transition to new leadership within the Endeavor program this year, we have decided to cancel Endeavor West and instead invite all students to join us together at Endeavor East on September 19-24 at Lake Oconee, Georgia. We will be returning to the West in 2017, but for now, we hope that all alumni ladies ages 15 and older will come for a week of fellowship and training as we grow in courageous femininity and adventurous beauty.



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