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Quinton Cools August 22, 2018
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“I’m not sure I can do this,” I thought, my red pen aimed at the crisp, white pages. Summer was winding down; the semester loomed ahead. I knew I couldn’t finish this project with college classes and work. I considered postponing the project until Christmas, but the more I thought and prayed about it, the more I knew I had to launch before summer was over. I had pulled together a team of seventeen writers and I didn’t want to let them down. We buckled down and spent hour after hour writing, editing like maniacs, and trying to assemble a marketing plan. This process was incredible, and God truly blessed our efforts. 


We did it. On August 21, 2017, I published 30 Days of Surrender, a devotional for teen girls. The more I consider how much God has blessed my little eBook, the more I realize how much credit is due TeenPact.


My name is Anastasis Faith. If we haven’t met, here’s a little bit about my TeenPact experience: I attended State Classes for six years before staffing for two. You might think of me as a seasoned veteran, but I actually finished my time at TeenPact in a less-than-romantic way—getting a concussion during an Ultimate Frisbee game and sleeping through most of the rest of National Convention. Yet when I consider about my TeenPact story, I think about all the ways TeenPact has helped me.


1. MY Connections

A substantial number of my team of writers for 30 Days of Surrender were TeenPacters. Some of these authors include Naomi Hamstra, Ruthanne Teo, Miriam Hamstra, Hannah Coss, and Ellie Youngblood. Without these young women, the huge process of writing, editing, and marketing an eBook wouldn’t have been possible.


2. MY Platform

Aside from the girls who directly contributed to the eBook, TeenPact helped me launch my blog and online ministry. Through giving me a platform both as a student and staffer, I was able to reach girls across the country. To this day, some of my most faithful readers are TeenPacters. It is an incredible network of thousands of people. I couldn’t have launched this book without the platform that TeenPact provided me from the start.



I remember one specific moment my first-year staffing: Macaela Bennett and I were leading the Bill Analysis field experience. Something suddenly came up that needed her immediate attention. She looked at me, squeezed my shoulder, and whispered, “You got this,” before leaving me alone. Her heels clicked on the polished floor of the Texas State Capital. I drew a deep breath and faced the impressive group of sharp, expectant students. TeenPact trained me to step outside of my comfort zone and do hard things.


Writing a book is hard. Editing takes months, especially when you’re striving for excellence. There’s an almost overwhelming volume of writing, re-writing, emailing, and coordinating logistics. It was hard. I often doubted the possibility of finishing. But God worked. He provided, and He showered grace on our project. 30 Days of Surrender was bathed in prayer. It was a humbling book to write and edit, because each devotional took us back to the Gospel. It is humbling to be at the foot of the cross, and yet there isn’t a better place to be.


God used TeenPact in so many ways to equip me and my writers to launch this book. I will always be grateful for the impact this ministry has had on my life.



Check out Anastasis Faith’s book, 30 Days of Surrender, or visit the Morning Glory blog to learn more. New website coming soon!



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