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The Value of Intentionality

Reese Chatman November 08, 2021
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Intentionality. A word I have heard thrown around countless times, so much so that it started to lose all meaning to me. After all, TeenPact is a ministry built largely on the concept of intentionality. I think I speak for almost everyone reading this when I say that I can recall multiple specific times when someone, whether a student or staffer, was intentional towards me and just how loved it made me feel. I could have perfectly defined the word all day long, but I don’t think I truly understood and fully grasped the concept until I saw intentionality take the form of mentorship. 


Growing up, I was the oldest child of three. I definitely can’t say I had no one to look up to, but in my opinion, being the oldest limits your “built in” role models. In other words, I often felt like I had to go out of my way to be poured into. One of my earliest experiences of this was during my second state class as a student in 2019. Coming into that week, I was incredibly insecure, so much so that I did not want anyone to know about it. However, the staff team, and especially the program director, simply sat down and had purposeful, deep, spiritual talks with me. We never discussed my inner struggles directly, and yet I left that week in a much more grounded and stable place because God used them as vessels to put me on the right path to overcome my struggles. I think about that turning point in my life very frequently, nowadays, through the lens of scripture. One of my favorite verses being, Colossians 4:5, which states, 


“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time.” 


What fascinates and convicts me about this verse is that this is a command from the Lord to his people regarding how they should act to non-believers. I cannot help but think just how often I fall short every single day when it comes to this. Nonetheless, we are to make the best use of our time. 


The level of intentionality I experienced from that staff team years ago was from believer to believer. Why would I not take that one step further, showing that same love I was given and pour it into someone who does not know my Savior? Matthew 28:19 is an urgent command from that very Savior, telling us to “go and make disciples of all the nations.” Our duty as followers of Jesus is to be intentional, not wasting a second of time being a kingdom seeker because we never know when it will be too late. I want to be poured into, having my faith strengthened day by day, and in turn, pour into the lost. It is my prayer that you seek to do the same.


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