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Theology Matters

Hannah Nelson December 03, 2021
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“The Church needs to stop focusing so much on theology and more on loving people.” Has anyone heard that before? I know I have. I may have even said that before. 


That claim is an easy one to follow, and most of my life I grew up believing it with little to no thought behind it. While I do believe that as the church, our primary goal should be to glorify Christ and to love this dying and desperate world; however, I don’t think we should undermine the value or importance of correct theology. 


Theology is defined as “the study of the nature of God.” This study affects every part of who we are as believers.

A.W. Tozier once said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

That couldn’t be more accurate. It’s easy, as Christians and humans, to compartmentalize and pick a side. Either we’re on the side of “theology,” or we’re on the side of “loving people.” However, that is not what Jesus did. He came to this world to show us what God is really like. He came to correct our study of the nature of God (our theology,) and to seek and save the lost (loving people.) May we learn to do the same. 


What I love about the ministry of Jesus is how He lived out and emphasized the vitalness of walking in step with the Holy Spirit and abiding in Him. He showed us what a relationship with the Father is supposed to look like, and how our love for God should actually drive our entire life’s ministry. Lives are changed by the love of Christ. If we have an incorrect view of the heart of God, our lives won’t become more like Him. 

If we don’t understand who God is, we won’t be able to understand how great His love is. 

Did you know that you can do things for God but not love Him? Honestly, that is such a terrifying thought, and yet still a terrifyingly easy trap to fall into. In the beginning chapters of Revelation, the Holy Spirit warns us against this lukewarmness. In His letters to the seven churches, he commends two of the churches for their good works and their steadfastness in the midst of persecution, yet later, he condemns them for abandoning the love they had at first. If our ministry is not driven by love for God, then we miss out on the reward of seeing God at work. We miss out on experiencing life in Christ. We miss out on the beauty of seeing the heart of God, and we miss out on the holy process of our hearts becoming like the heart of Jesus. 


The next time you are tempted or encouraged to undermine the vitality of correct theology, remember that we are here on this earth to know the Father and to make Him known to this broken and desperate world. This world is changed by understanding the heart of God. 


When we learn to view God correctly, we learn how to love others correctly. That is why theology matters.


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