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Serena Deloglos July 09, 2018
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What does it take to be a godly woman in 2018? Good homemaking skills? An artistic bent? A versatile, down-to-earth personality? Athletic strength, musical talent, good SAT scores, or an organized closet? A big circle of friends or being pursued by godly guys?




The only thing we need to live a life worthy of our calling is Jesus. He is the cornerstone, the beginning and the end, our be-all and end-all as young believing women. This reality is so simple, yet it is so quickly distorted in our culture today. As young women in America, one look at social media can bring much discontentment and condemnation. We begin to question the talents God has given us, where He has called us to dwell, how he has made us look, and why we so desperately need Him.


With such discouragements abounding, TeenPact Endeavor seeks to be a haven where women ages 15-19 can come to grow closer to their Savior. For over ten years, TeenPact alumnae have gathered together at Endeavor to worship, fellowship, learn, play, and grow. This is done through activities and sessions as diverse as the girls who attend. From teaching by women from around the country, to small group breakout sessions, to adventurous off-site excursions, each element of Endeavor is crafted to meet students where they are at in a community of other like-minded young women.

There is a place for you at Endeavor.


Are you a girl who would rather be outside – rain or shine? There is a place for you at Endeavor. Do you have big dreams about running your own home? There is a place for you at Endeavor. Are you in the middle of college plans and looking forward to the work ahead that will lead you to a fruitful career? There is a place for you at Endeavor. Are you recognizing your need for Christian friends, a better understanding of the King and what it looks like to follow Him? There is a place for you at Endeavor.





september 11-16, 2018


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