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Undone in the Presence

Spencer Rothfuss April 10, 2017
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I have never been able to say this truthfully until tonight. I am undone in the presence of Christ.

The other two TeenPact classes I staffed left me changed because of things God did to me and in me. This class left me changed because of things I watched God do in others. I saw lives change. Now, at the end of the week, I can do nothing but marvel in awestruck wonder at Him and at what He has done.

I could tangibly feel the presence of Christ in the room with us. A presence that I had tasted before but tonight, its greatness left me speechless. I could do nothing but fall to my knees in surrender and lift my hands in adoration. There was no reaction except to be overwhelmed by the presence of Almighty God.

As I basked in the presence of my maker, I wished I could stay another minute. Stay another hour. Sit in the same place just until the morning. Stay forever in this holy place. In the presence of the King I knew nothing else matters but Him. All my other priorities paled and fell away. I wondered why I would waste time seeking anything besides this presence. Why would I let anything distract me from Him?

As I write, I feel it again; I feel the tingling and the goose bumps as I recall what took place and know I will be used to carry that presence. I am called to be an ambassador. I am called to be a dispenser of the goodness, truth, and beauty that I experienced.

I am completely in awe that God uses me to change lives. I have few words to say and none that can do justice so I will say only this; I am undone by the presence of Christ.

About the Author

Spencer Rothfuss

Spencer was a 2017 traveling staffer for TeenPact and hails from Omaha, Nebraska.