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Quinton Cools April 13, 2015
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This June 21-27 our students will return to Liberty University School of Law for a one-of-a-kind experience called TeenPact Judicial. Led by Christian Edmonds, John Legg (TeenPact Hall of Fame), and an all-star staff team, this law-oriented academic event draws students from all over the country and inspires and equips them in leadership.


At TeenPact we believe that the answer to society’s problems is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With that in mind, it is the duty of Christians to pursue their God-given calling and influence their community. We are called to make an impact. Whether in education, engineering, public service, law enforcement, medicine, the military or any other capacity, we are called to make a difference.



The Judicial program balances an in-depth survey of all major areas of law, with training provided by gifted Christian Liberty Law School professors– in courtroom skills such as raising evidentiary objections and cross-examining witnesses.  There is special emphasis on appreciating the Judeo-Christian roots of our judicial system and integrating a biblical worldview and the study of law.


Additionally, the program is intended to equip students for the task of discerning God’s will and identifying their unique talents and aptitudes.



A key ingredient of TeenPact Judicial is a unique “moot court” experience where TeenPact staff and Liberty Law school professors coach each student through the appellate process: from analyzing the facts and legal issues of a realistic case file, to drafting their legal brief and crafting a legal argument, to presenting their case against opposing counsel before an appellate court.


Even a student who has no intention of entering the field of law will benefit from honing in on or even discovering the skills of legal reasoning, “issue identification”, and persuasion.  And, of course, Judicial delivers on the popular TeenPact distinctives:  activities that are “hands on,” edifying, intellectually stimulating, and fun.  We hope you’ll join us for TeenPact Judicial.



We want you at TPJ! Teenpact Judicial will be held June 21-27 at Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, VA. Save $20 with our Early Bird Discount if you register before Wednesday, April 22.


Join us this June for a life-changing experience!



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