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What Difference Does It Make?

Noah Martin March 08, 2017
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Hello friends. Let’s talk!


I want to talk about something fairly deep, so keep that in mind. This is a topic that matters a lot to me. I hope it matters to you.


I was recently in the beautiful state of New Mexico serving on the staff team there. It was the first class of my season, and I was excited to get on the road. As I began to travel west from Richmond, there was a thought ever in the back of my mind. “On a daily basis, what difference does the gospel make in my life?” As I drove through the mountains and plains of New Mexico, I pondered this question.


Over the latter part of 2016, I had a lot of time outside TeenPact. During that time, I found much more time to think, and to write, and to pray. This caused me to reflect on my faith, and the effect it had on everyday life.



Everyday faith is not the subject of many stories; but does that make it any less valuable. I would posit that everyday faith is something that we need to understand if we want to have it. “He who is faithful in little will be faithful in much.” Hebrews 11 talks about faith a lot. We don’t get to that faith if we don’t trust God in the nitty-gritty of normal, boring life.


During my time in New Mexico, I asked several young men that question. No one answered right away. And that’s okay; this is not a question to take lightly. I’m not here to call these guys out, or to say that they aren’t real Christians. I am here to ask you the same question. What difference does the gospel make?!


As Christians, we claim Christ as our foundation. We take his name when we take his gift. Do you understand this gift? If so, what difference does it make?


Further Up and Further In!


Noah Martin


Ephesians 2


P.S. New Mexico is amazing! Everyone should drive through it at least once in there life.



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