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What Do Medical School & TeenPact Have in Common?

Serena Deloglos March 27, 2015
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What do medical training and interning with TeenPact have in common? “Short nights, long days working for a cause you believe in, and always lots of coffee,” according to Jason Bowman, a third year medical student at Brown University and a former member of the 2008 Traveling Intern Team. Jason’s story is one that shows how TeenPact’s discipleship training can be used in the everyday world and, specifically, the medical field.



Like many other TeenPact students, Jason originally thought that he would use what he learned to pursue politics or law school. However, when God called him to medicine, he found that what he learned through the ministry was invaluable in the medical field as well. One example can be seen through his work with the American Medical Association (AMA)—the largest, non-partisan political group of physicians in the United States. “Much of my ability to successfully become involved with various regional and national leadership positions within the AMA is a result of the training I received with TeenPact,” he says.


TeenPact’s focus on defending your beliefs, relying on good teamwork, and smoothly adapting to ever-changing circumstances were some of the most beneficial things that he learned saying, “I use all three of those lessons daily now in my work on the hospital wards.”


Jason, says that more than any academic achievement, he is most proud of the times when he has truly made a difference in the life of a patient—sometimes simply by listening and caring. “The practice of medicine is both a humbling and awe-filled endeavor,” he says. “Francis Pare, one of the fathers of modern surgery, accurately described this when he thought of a patient and wrote, ‘I bandaged him and God healed him.’ As someone who believes in a God who created mankind, I’m constantly amazed at the intricacies and beauty of the human body—right down to the smallest cell.”


The practice of medicine is both a humbling and awe-filled endeavor.


As Jason looks to the future, one thing is certain. Jason purposes to, “provide skillful and compassionate medical care wherever I end up, be it a major city, rural town, or abroad in medical missions.” Jason, who is also a pilot, is particularly interested in using the combination of his skills to improve access to medical care for more remote regions of the country. He is interested in staying involved in the political realm as well, though in what capacity remains to be seen.


Jason believes that the skills gained in TeenPact can be used to serve God in any field, be it politics, medicine, or any sphere of influence. His own example is a testament to that. When asked what advice he would share with students today, he shared that all students should seek quality mentorship and maintain an open mind.


You never know where God will end up using you.


“Explore every opportunity—you never know where God will end up using you,” he says. “A wise friend of mine once told me, ‘The key to driving down the road of life is not to know where you’re going (because you usually won’t) but to always keep moving forward, take your hands off the wheel, and let God steer.’”



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