Who is this kid?

Pam Minyard December 17, 2018
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Who is this kid and what has happened to my son?


Discovering that no TeenPact State Class was available in the state of Arkansas was a blow to our son, Mitchell. Moving to a new state was challenging enough, but no TeenPact? What even….


That year, 1999, Mitchell asked Mr. Echols if he could start a TeenPact class for the state of Arkansas. What? I confess, I did not even know who the governor of the state was. The learning curve was going to be steep, but what does a parent do when God plants a dream inside your child’s heart? You join him! 


So, we joined our son’s team and began the journey of learning how to launch a new TeenPact state. Back then, there was not much of a process, so we filled the gasoline tank, packed an ice chest, and chauffeured our son around the state, so he could share about the TeenPact experience. As I reflect, I marvel at his willingness to stand in front of strangers in all types of settings and articulate his heart for the ministry of TeenPact and why it mattered. A transformation was taking place. TeenPact gave Mitchell purpose, a calling, and he was driven. Yet, he was only 15 years old.


As interest began to grow, an Arkansas class was scheduled for January of 2001! Setting the date was scary, because this was no longer an idea, but a reality. Mitchell was building relationships all over the state of Arkansas, and people joined his effort to locate classrooms, find housing and meals for students, and organize the details of a class. Honestly, I was along for the ride, mostly watching and driving the mini-van. But, I was learning from 16 year old!


I was never so blown away when in early 2000 Mitchell walked into our living room asking, “Mom, can you take me to the state capitol tomorrow? I have an appointment with Governor Mike Huckabee.”


Who is this kid and what has happened to my son? 


In January of 2001, the first TeenPact State Class launched with 37 students. Janet Huckabee invited the staff team into her home for a visit and tour. It was an historical event, since no one had been invited into the Huckabee’s temporary mobile home. Mike and Janet became great cheerleaders for Mitchell and the TeenPact Arkansas class. The dream that God had placed in Mitchell’s heart had become a reality, and the experience changed our entire family.



This is just one story, but it is THE story that sealed my heart to the ministry of TeenPact. I had no idea I would work in fund development for this ministry years later, however, I am convinced God provided me a front row seat to watch the transformation and impact the TeenPact experience can have on a teenager.


There is no way I can place a price tag on the gift of the TeenPact experience for our family. Today, it is my privilege to bring awareness to the financial needs of this ministry. As we prepare to launch the 25th year of ministry, will you give the gift of TeenPact?


Give the gift of TeenPact




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