Why is TeenPact Needed?

Peggy Adams October 26, 2021
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We continue the series exploring why TeenPact exists. What problems in our world does TeenPact seek to address?

Our world needs leaders, and TeenPact is acutely focused on training up this generation of leaders. Laura Bishop, Executive Vice President for Advancement at Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA) relates the significance of students attending TeenPact as she reflects on the impact of a former TeenPact Traveling Intern, Danny Pearson.


“We are not here to just hand out diplomas. The question we ask at PBA is ‘How do we attract more students like Danny Pearson, who are prepared to bring hope to a hurting world today?’” Ms. Bishop describes Danny’s character as ‘unique – humble yet strong.’ “We want a campus with more ‘Dannys,’ leaders who are ready and able to serve. Bringing in freshmen like Danny who already have leadership skills will elevate the entire student body and University.”


Emily Eaton, PBA’s Associate Director for Undergraduate Recruitment, is a TeenPact Alumna herself. Emily explains, “Palm Beach Atlantic University truly believes in the mission of TeenPact because we can see it lived out in the TeenPact alumni that attend PBA. We have seen TeenPact students excel in their academics, leadership, and character at PBA. When we see that an applicant attended TeenPact, we consider that significantly because we have seen many TeenPacters receive the highest academic scholarship and acceptance into the Supper Honors Program and others become student leaders in Residence Life and Student Activities on campus. When it comes to scholarship programs, like PBA Lead, we strongly consider TeenPact because we know the caliber of students and leaders that come from TeenPact.”


Why is TeenPact needed? Our world needs leaders, and TeenPact is training young people to be effective servants of Christ, leading wisely in today’s world.

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