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Why should I come to National Convention?

Quinton Cools March 14, 2016
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Your friend is telling you that you should join them at National Convention this year. You’re weighing the pros and cons, and trying to figure out if it is worth your investment. Here are my top 10 reasons why I think you should join as at National Convention. You tell me if it’s worth the investment!


1. It’s all about Jesus


This week is one of the most inspirational gatherings you will ever be a part of. We join together to worship Jesus, learn how to follow Jesus, and help our friends do the same.



2. Worship


Join together with hundreds of like-minded youth who express adoration to God by singing songs, reflecting on His Word, and praying for one another. Every morning and every evening, worship sessions at the event are considered the greatest highlight for many students and parents alike.



3. Bonjour


In the morning we set aside time for personal devotions to individually pursue God by reading His Word, praying for growth, and processing all that we are learning.



4. Rendezvous


In the evening we set aside time with your hall group for what we call “rendezvous.” This time allows you to think and process the day with the guys or girls in your dorm through conversation, prayer, and usually a lot of laughter.



5. Speakers


Each year we invite a talented group of men and women who are eager to inspire young people to rise above the expectation of mediocrity. Our speakers challenge students to live the life that they have been called to live– with excellence, courage, and passion.



6. Small Groups


While sessions focus on motivation, small groups are immensely practical. This peer-led portion of each day is set aside in order to talk through what it means to actually live out the learning from the sessions.



7. Fellowship


Scheduled activities are nice, but friendships are often formed through the other parts of the day. It’s the in-between moments over a meal or at Coffeehouse or in a session or while playing an Ultimate game. We have countless stories of deep friendships that were started at National Convention. Life-long friendships are hard to come by, but this event allows you to cultivate that very thing!



8. Coffeehouse


There is a place on campus at Lee University called Alumni Park. It’s the perfect name for what we use it for. TeenPact alumni join together in the afternoon for fun and games and in the evening for coffee and conversation. It’s a special place to establish quality time with people and reflect on the week.



9. Elections


Possibly the most dynamic elements of the week are found in the 2016 National Elections. Brought to you by TPN News, the stage is set for the most epic political process you have ever experienced. From pre-event campaigning to party primaries to the Presidential debates to open forums to the early morning general election voting to the TeenPact commercials to the announcement of your Elected Officials, the National Elections never disappoint.



10. Sports


It’s okay to put this last on our list of top 10, because we know that you’re already crazy about Ultimate Frisbee and Volleyball. Two full-length tournaments are offered starting on the very first afternoon of free time. Bring your team. Bring your A-game. You’re gonna need it to win the championship under the lights!





There are a thousand more reasons you should come to National Convention. These are my top 10 reasons why you should join us. So what do you think? Will I see you there?

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