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Why the Alumni Track?

Serena Deloglos April 20, 2015
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A few weeks ago, we wrote about why Field Experiences are such an important part of our Four Day State Class program. However, Field Experiences are only half of what goes on during that time. While First Time students are learning the basics of their local government in a hands-on fashion, returning students have their own breakout session–the Alumni Track.


Any student who returns to the Four Day Class is considered an Alumnus and participates in a special track with other Alumni throughout the week. Facilitated by the Program Director, students spend time discussing a current political issue in depth through hands-on activities. The topic of the track changes every year– this allows students to attend multiple years in a row with a new topic to delve into each time.


Students can attend multiple years in a row with a new topic to delve into each time.


The goal of this season’s Alumni Track is to help students understand and discuss the justifications for United States military intervention in foreign disputes and conflicts. In preparation for this track, students come to class having researched the history of United States military intervention in a variety of foreign disputes as well as having considered how such interventionism has impacted the modern world. In addition, they write two essays as a part of their pre-class homework, one that defends interventionism and one that defends non-interventionism.



Building upon these assignments, students participate in discussions and sessions that focus on the intricacies of the topic and, like every other aspect of our program, hands-on study plays an important part in the learning process. Because of this, students spend one of their sessions on-site in the Capitol surveying employees, leaders, and visitors about the topic of interventionism. The survey session is often lauded as the best part of the week for Alumni students.


The track finishes with an analysis of the survey data as well as establishing conclusions on the topic. By the end of the process, students will have a strong grasp on the broad concept of interventionism as well as how it effects their local communities.


The heart behind our Alumni Track is simple: a desire to train youth to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend their Christian faith, and engage the culture. Each of the facets of the Alumni Track enforce the elements of this mission to a new level. Whether this season was a student’s first time attending a Four Day Class or they are a seasoned Alumnus, all are invited to return to their Four Day Class again next year to experience the Alumni Track first hand.



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