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Without a Limit

Quinton Cools December 14, 2018
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This post was written by TeenPact Student Body Representative Skylar Babin of Florida.


Dear World Changers,


Recently, I was invited to a film festival called “Mountainfilm Fest”. It sounded pretty neat! I really enjoy cinematography, acting, and anything that gives people a platform to positively influence others, so I was curious to see the variety of films and the messages each one would relay. You can only imagine my surprise when I realized “Mountainfilm fest” was a film festival specifically dedicated to extreme mountain sports. That’s right. Thirty documentary style films on extreme mountain athletes. While I was shocked at first, I was quickly uplifted by the stories of bravery each mountain climber told and can now say that I have never learned so much about determination, courage, and breaking limits from any other sport than extreme mountain sports.


“You guys going up?”

“Yes, yes, we go up.”

“You may be going a lot higher than you think!”


This was the simple dialog between Don Whillans, an English rock climber and mountaineer, and a Japanese party on their way up a 3,967-meter mountain in Switzerland, and I think it parallels quite nicely with our faith in the sense that God can bring us to places we never thought we could reach as we boldly trust Him and have the determination and courage to climb our mountains. God is constantly breaking limits and, as we trust in Him, continually guiding us in a faith that is boundlessly better than a life without Jesus.


Stories of courage to trust God and the determination to follow through with a purpose driven desire can be found throughout the Bible as well. For example, Matthew 9:27-31 details the event of two blind men that follow Jesus and ask Him to have mercy on them. Jesus replies, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They say to Him “Yes, Lord.” Then, Jesus touches their eyes and says, “According to your faith let it be to you.” Their eyes were opened.


These men could have merely ‘existed’ as blind men for the rest of their lives, but they had such faith in the Messiah that they knew He would be able to restore their sight. Sometimes in life, it can be easy to lack the trust that God has an important purpose for us here on earth. However, I believe that it is God’s intention that we make full use of our talents (and the acquired skills that come with them). It is time that we believe God has called us to lives of potential, as His grace empowers us to do the things we weren’t able to do before. 


The question then becomes, what separates those who are fruitful from those who are unfruitful? The answer is found in one word: COURAGE. The sky’s the limit for those who have courage in Christ, knowing that your Father has “unfailing love for you” (Isaiah 43:2).


But what is the purpose? Why does God invite us to enjoy His strength in our lives? Ultimately, as we grow deeper in our walk with Christ, we gain the courage to impact this world in His Name! We can live free of fear and in freedom only because of God, so He gets all the glory! God. Gets. All. The. Glory. The sky’s the limit not so that we can brag about how great we are or what we have done, but so that God might be pleased by the fulfillment of our purposes, so that we can turn peoples’ eyes to Jesus, and so that He can be glorified through our actions.


Praise Him without a limit.

Live in purpose without a limit.

Seek Him without a limit.

Love without a limit.

Serve without a limit.


I encourage you to live boldly without limitations, to have utmost courage in Him and in His promises, and to seek to serve Him through your purpose as you continue to surrender yourself in discipline to Him!


You all have blessed me in ways beyond words. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as one of your TeenPact Representatives this year in the community that brought me to Jesus. 


May God bless you.



Representative Skylar Babin



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