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You Want to be Inspired

Quinton Cools September 09, 2019
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INSPIRATION: A noun. The act of drawing air into the lungs; the inhaling of air; 

a branch of respiration, and opposed to expiration.


You want to be inspired. Don’t believe me? What are you doing with your life right now? Ask yourself: why am I doing the things I’m doing? Why the classes? Why the work? What is my vision for my future? What am I passionate about? What makes me feel alive?


If you have an answer to these questions, then you’ve already experienced a moment — possibly several moments — of inspiration. And if you’ve experienced that inspiration, you know what it is to breathe. To experience life the way it was intended. 


This adventure of life continues with every new moment of inspiration as you learn to breathe in and breathe out. You teach yourself a skill. You travel to a new city. You start a conversation with someone who is unlike you in most every way. 


Then, something sparks inside you. You have an idea and talk to a friend. They share your interest and enthusiasm and ask some timely questions. You think. You act. You reflect. A new course has been set, a new vision discovered and what’s more, the passion to pursue it. This is inspiration.


A new course has been set, a new vision discovered and what’s more, the passion to pursue it. This is inspiration.


History is full of stories of inspired people — influencers, creatives, policy-makers, grinders, and go-getters. What about your friends? Look at the people around you. Have you noticed how they live? My guess is that some of your friends live as if they have yet to take a breath while others thrive living inspired lives. That’s the difference. You want to be inspired. You just might not know it yet.


If you don’t have an answer to the questions of where you’re headed or why, you have yet to be inspired. You may feel like a ship still anchored in the harbor or one that is out to sea but with no direction, no heading. What would it take to inspire you? What will put wind in your sails? What will give you a vision for where to go and the enduring will and passion to get there?


You want to be inspired.


And at TeenPact, this is what we do.


We seek to inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things.


Does this description sound like you or your friends? Do you want to be inspired, trained, and equipped with the tools to succeed? TeenPact has an upcoming event that may be just for you.


You want to be inspired. You just might not know it yet.


TeenPact Back to DC takes you onto Capitol Hill where you will walk the halls of power as you brush shoulders with some of our nation’s highest-ranking officials. You will visit historical landmarks and hear from several national nationally-acclaimed speakers. 


You will receive professional training in political philosophy, activism, and campaigning and use these tools to run an energetic mock Presidential campaign.


You will join us on our legendary monument tour and experience daily worship in the heart of our Nation’s capital. Explore Washington, D.C. with like-minded TeenPacters from around the country who are eager to be inspired.


You want to be inspired. Register today.




Will you join me at Back to DC?

October 9-14, 2019 in Arlington, VA


Register for TeenPact Back To DC!


TeenPact Back to DC is exclusively offered to 13-19 year-old graduates of the TeenPact Four Day Class.

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