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TeenPact in 2017

Greetings from Richmond, Virginia!

One year has just drawn to a close and we are now embarking on the new year, and a new season for TeenPact Leadership Schools.  Every year we spend a lot of time preparing for the upcoming year and transitioning from one year to the next.  Documents need to be updated, supplies need to be ordered, reservations need to be made, and much more.  This fall and early winter have brought additional, and more personal change, as we have said goodbye to several long-term employees and welcomed others.

The vision of TeenPact is changing lives to change the world, so this is not something new to any of us.  Our ministry is built on change – the changed lives of students attending a Four Day State Class for the first time, the changes as new staffers, Interns, and Program Directors take on new and exciting responsibilities, the changed relationships between students and parents, and the changed hearts as some of these students are introduced to Jesus Christ for the first time.

We see change all around us and we desire change in our home, our work, our country, and around the world, but what gives me comfort and peace is to know that we serve a God who never changes.  In the book of Hebrews we are told to remember our leaders and to imitate their faith, particularly our one true leader, Jesus Christ.  And the reason is given in Hebrews 13:8 – “Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever.”  Whenever I begin to worry about the future, whether tomorrow or anytime this year or next, I remind myself that God is faithful and true to His promises.

One of the greatest promises is that He hears the prayers of His people.  As we begin a new year and as I asked you to do last year, would you commit to pray for the ministry of TeenPact in the following areas?

  • God would be glorified– though we gather for training and focus on many elements of the TeenPact curriculum and policies, first and foremost I pray that God would be glorified in all that we do at State Capitols, camps, and many other places around the country.
  • Deepened Relationships– pray that students, staffers, parents, and others would deepen relationships with one another, but more importantly that relationships with God would grow and change. As iron sharpens iron, may we sharpen one another to serve God more fully.
  • Travel Mercies– soon over 200 TeenPacters will converge on Oklahoma and the 2017 Season begins for TeenPact. Please pray for safety in travel – driving and flying thousands of miles for all participants.
  • Completion of Work– though much has been done in anticipation of the season, we still have boxes to be shipped, registration to be billed, more supplies to be purchased, meals to be made, and so much more. Over 800 volunteers help us to complete this work, and I am grateful for each one. May they feel blessed and encouraged in their work.
  • Purity– students, staffers, Interns, Program Directors, and many adults are bombarded with many temptations on all sides. Please pray for clean hands and a pure heart for all involved.

May God continue to bless TeenPact in 2017!

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