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A Bold Opportunity

Peter Martin December 06, 2019
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As we look forward to the 2020 Alumni Events, we are excited to announce that the Survival programs will transition from TeenPact to the Bold ministry under the leadership of Curtis and Jenna Whatley.

TeenPact Leadership Schools began in 1994 and has had an ongoing impact for 25 years. Shortly after launching the State Classes, we opened several TeenPact Alumni Events. The types of programs have varied over the years, but the focus on leadership development and Christian discipleship has remained and flourished.


In 1999, Curtis Whatley, current TeenPact Board member and Hall of Fame inductee, developed an outdoor program called Survival. In one role or another, Curtis has been involved in Survival ever since, serving as a Staff member, Program Director, and Event Director on many, many Survival Staff Teams. For the last eight years, Curtis and his wife, Jenna, have run the Survival events and expanded the program to include Advanced Survival Adventure Program (ASAP). These events have been held in various parts of the country, including Georgia, Alaska, New Mexico, South Dakota, and North Carolina, to name a few.


Over the years, Curtis and Jenna have had a strong desire to develop a ministry with a focus on outdoor events and service. Earlier this year, they launched their own ministry, Bold. The verse they chose for their ministry is Acts 28:31, “proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.” This ministry capitalizes on the Whatley’s love of the outdoors, carpentry/building skills, leadership experience, and their desire to incorporate their family in the work of ministry. In August, they conducted their first program in Florida and Alabama as they led a disaster relief team in locations impacted by recent hurricanes and tornadoes. After prayerful consideration, the Whatley’s and I believe that the Survival events would thrive as a part of the Bold ministry.



I am pleased to announce that the TeenPact Board of Directors has unanimously approved the incorporation of Survival and ASAP into this new ministry beginning in 2020. Curtis and Jenna Whatley will be operating Survival and ASAP through Bold. We are very excited about this opportunity for them to continue leading these events. Curtis will continue to serve as a Board Member and a Class Director, and I am looking forward to hearing from him in the future about the progress that is made with Bold and with Survival programs in particular.



If you are interested in attending Survival or another Bold program, please visit the link below. Registration for the Bold Survival programs will be launching the first of the year. Please consider participating with Bold, and tell your friends about Survival and ASAP. Finally, please pray for Curtis and Jenna as they direct these programs. Pray that they will be faithful to “proclaim the kingdom of God and teach about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance!”


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